30 Reactions We Had While Watching the My Little Pony: The Movie Trailer

The My Little Pony: The Movie trailer finally dropped last night, and if you’re like us, you’ve probably already watched it a bunch of times. Seeing the Mane 6 come to life on the big screen is a dream come true for us, as we’ve been MLP fans since the very beginning.

In My Little Pony: The Movie, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, and Rarity are in for their biggest adventure yet as they step out of their cozy little kingdom of Equestria and embark on an unforgettable journey. Along the way they’ll make new friends, face new challenges, and as always, use the magic of friendship to save the day.

Everypony put your hooves together and watch the My Little Pony: The Movie trailer here. Then, check out our reactions to see if you had similar feels while watching!

30 Reactions We Had While Watching the My Little Pony: The Movie Trailer:

1. THE LOGO IS SO SPARKLY! And magical!

2. Equestria is looking more majestic than ever. We bet it will look ultra amazing all huge on a movie screen.

3. YAY! Princess Twilight Sparkle! You’ve made it! You’re narrating a movie trailer and telling millions of people about the importance of magic, music, and friendship. You go girl!

4. Awwww smooshy bear hug!

5. This guy. Who knew a pony could be so buff?

6. Ugh, come on Twilight Sparkle. Don’t you know better than to say “What could go wrong?” in a movie trailer? Now everything is going to go wrong. Everything. And you’re going to have to fix it!

7. Pinkie Pie, always with the optimism even when literal darkness looms overhead.

8. “RYAN! Nooooo!” Actually snort-laughed at this. LOL.

9. Who are all these baddies? They look so cool yet so eeevvvil.

10. Noooo don’t be mean to the ponies! Stop blowing up their kingdom! Don’t you know Equestria is all about peacefulness and friendship? HAVEN’T YOU BEEN PAYING ATTENTION, Tempest Shadow?

11. Most adorable understatement of the year: “We just had our cupcakes handed to us by the worst party crasher ever!”

12. That guy might be bad, but we agree. Pie rules.

13. OMG they have bubbles on their heads. ARE THEY UNDER WATER?

14. SEA PONIESSSS! Beyond excited for the underwater scenes. All the scenery looks so lovely and the colors are amazing!

15. Loving that the sea ponies look more like mermaids than sea horses. Do you think Starbucks will release Sea Pony toast? Like mermaid toast, but MLP themed?

16. Wait, that’s kind of a great idea. Alert the media!


18. Spike. is. a pufferfish.

19. Will there be a blobfish in this movie? There should be a blobfish in this movie.

20. Darkness!

21. Can’t ever get enough of these adorable cuties hugging.

22. As usual, Twilight Princess being a kind and responsible leader trying to take all the blame, and her friends saying “Nah pony girl, we’re in this together. NBD. Well, kind of a big deal, but it’s okay.” Or you know, a shorter version of that.

23. SWORDS! PIRATES! This movie has everything!

24. “Friendship, flowers, ponies, BLUHHHH.” Okay bad guy, you made us laugh.

25. Would it even be MLP without Pinkie Pie flinging desserts at someone?

26. Dance sequence! Need more of that.

27. That’s a HUGE cake! Mmmm cake.

28. Loving the dramatic body guard ponies wiping literally one drop of cake off the Sia pony hahaha.

29. Yay! Famous celebrities! (Don’t worry though, they’re only voicing the new characters. The Mane 6 are still voiced by the talented voice actors you know and love!)

30. Andddd that’s it. Glittery logo means the trailer is over. That was SO exciting.

Phew! That was amazing. Is anyone else literally bouncing with excitement? We sure are, and we can’t wait until My Little Pony: The Movie hits theaters on October 6th!

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