EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #6

My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #6 kicks off on kind of a bittersweet note. Sunburst is heading back to his home in the Crystal Empire, leaving all of Starswirl’s legends behind him. Starlight Glimmer sees him off and tries to convince him to stay. As they chat, she discovers that he’s not actually ready to give up on the legends just yet. 

He’s packed them inside his luggage so he can continue his research back home, satisfied that he was able to scoop Twilight Sparkle on uncovering important information about such legendary ponies. As he settles in on the train, he pulls out the legend of Mage Meadowbrook, an iconic healer pony who’s known for helping cure sick ponies all across Equestria and the final legendary pony we’ll learn about in this series.

My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #6

This story has everything you’d expect from a quaint tale about a healer pony – kindness, healing spells, ninjas, zombies – wait…WHAT? Mage Meadowbrook’s legend has quite a few details that make for a great story, but seem a little out of place.

Just when Sunburst starts to question everything, he discovers a book he didn’t notice before, one that might lead him to the biggest reveal yet.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #6:

For us, this issue really stood out. It’s just silly pony fun in every way and we loved learning about Mage Meadowbrook’s battle with zombies. It’s yet to be seen if that’s really the way it all went down, but we’d like to think that ninjas and zombies were really involved. We love how writer Jeremy Whitley took a potentially low-key story of a healer and transformed it into an exciting action-packed adventure. We also loved all the wacky faces in this issue – there’s just something about the zombie ponies faces really makes us chuckle, Brenda Hickey showed off the sillier side of zombies, rather than the typically scary side, which added to the fun. 

Sunburst is also about to uncover some important information and make connections about how all of these legends tie together, leaving us on the edge of our seats until Issue #7 drops in October.

My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #6
My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #6
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Publisher: IDW
Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Art/Cover: Brenda Hickey
Subscription Cover: Zachary Sterling
Variant Cover: Abigail Starling
SYNOPSIS: The famous healer Mage Meadowbrook comes to an abandoned village. A search for the town’s residents will reveal a terrible affliction that may be incurable unless Mage can think quick!

My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #6

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Legends of Magic series, it’s definitely the perfect time to catch up. You can pick up My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #6 on September 27th, but in the meantime, catch up on what you’ve missed by previewing the other issues! 

You’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for Abigail Starling’s Alice in Wonderland inspired variant cover – it’s just so cute!

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