7 Totally Easy Ways to Show Mom How Great She Is

Gifts are great and so are cards, but if there’s one thing we know about Moms, it’s that they really appreciate the little gestures. While they’re always willing to accept a handmade (or store bought) card, we know they’re really looking forward to reading the message you wrote inside or the big, genuine hug that comes after they open their gift. Moms just want to know that they’re doing a great job, that you appreciate them, and that you’re turning out to be a wonderful human being.

That’s why we came up with a list of totally easy things you can do to put a smile on your Mom’s (or step-moms. or grandmas. or aunts. or anyone who’s taking the time to make sure you eat dinner and get to school on time in the morning.) face and ensure they have a great Mother’s Day. Even if you’ve already got a gift planned, these kind gestures will help you go the extra mile.

Here’s 7 Totally Easy (and Totally Free) Mother’s Day Ideas to Show Mom How Great She Is:

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Tell Her How Great She Really Is:

In the hustle and bustle of after school activities and homework and sleepovers with your besties, it’s easy to get wrapped up in your routine and forget to tell the people in your life that you appreciate them. For Mother’s Day, why not tell mom that you love the way she never forgets to put your favorite snack in your lunch? Or the way her hugs always make you feel better, even if you’re usually too cool to admit it.

Heck, even if all you can come up with is a big ol’ hug and “I love you, mom!”, we know it’ll give her ALL THE FEELS. Want to take it a step further? Put it in writing, that way she can reference it any time she’s feeling blue. A “Top 10 Reasons Mom is the Very Best Human” list will make her smile, and likely get the prime spot on the fridge!


Easy Mother's Day Ideas
Make Her Something Tasty:
Odds are, your Mom spends quite a lot of her time making meals for YOU and your family members, so why not return the favor? Even if you’re not an expert chef, you can whip up something easy or recruit an older sibling to help you. You can go all out and make breakfast in bed or some kind of super tasty dinner. If you’re not the greatest in the kitchen, what about a nice sandwich for lunch? Even the most amateur cooks have the power to make a nice PB&J. We’ll let you in on a little secret – Mom will appreciate the effort, even if you end up burning the toast.


Easy Mother's Day Ideas
Be the Chore Master:
Mother’s Day is all about Mom, so why not let her relax and catch up on her favorite shows while you take care of the chores? We’re not sure if you know this, but most Moms aren’t doing all the chores because they just LOVE cleaning. Odds are, she’s doing it because she has to – it’s just part of being an adult, and she definitely deserves a break. You don’t have to go scrubbing the toilet or reorganzing the attic, but why not unload the dishwasher or offer to wash the car?

If there’s something your mom generally nags you about, like cleaning your room or walking the dog, do it without being asked. Notice the remote fell on the floor? Pick it up. Toilet paper about to run out in the bathroom? Swap it out for a fresh roll. She’ll definitely notice, and she’ll definitely appreciate having one less thing to worry about.

Easy Mother's Day Ideas
Snap a Family Photo:
Chances are, your Mom loves having photos of the two of you (and your other siblings, if you have them) to show off to her friends and family, so why not stage a really great photo with you and your siblings (and even your pets) to give her something to brag about? We love the idea of rounding up your brothers and sisters for a surprise family photo that mom can remember forever. You can keep it casual, dress up fancy, or even do a themed photo, complete with costumes.

Once you’ve got your perfect pic, you’ve got lots of options. Tag her in it on social media, have it printed and framed, or just hang it on the fridge and see if she notices! If you can’t organize a family photo, a simple selfie of you and Mom will likely make her smile too. Snuggle up next to her, whip out your phone, and put on your best “I’m your favorite kid, and you can’t deny it” smile.


Easy Mother's Day Ideas
Keep the Sass to a Minimum (aka: none):
Families tend to disagree from time to time, but Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give Mom a break from all the yelling, fighting, and bickering that goes on in the house. If you’re the kind of kid that always talks back, try playing it cool for the whole day. If you and your older sister are always getting in fights, agree in advance to keep things calm, at least just for May 8th. We promise it won’t make you any less cool if you don’t roll your eyes at all for an entire day or yell at your sister for “borrowing” your favorite shirt, just this once.


Easy Mother's Day Ideas
Put Away the Phone:
We’re not saying you have to give up your precious other half for the entire day, but definitely make some phone-free time to hang out with Mom. She gave you life, and thus, deserves your full attention, at least for a few hours. We know the FOMO is real, but did you ever think your Mom has FOMO every time you give her one word answers because you’re too busy picking out the perfect Snap lens? Leave your phone in your room and head out into the rest of the house for some epic Mom-hangs. You might just find out she’s actually kinda cool.


Easy Mother's Day Ideas
Give Her Hobbies a Chance:
Moms love doing stuff with the humans they created, so while you’re detached from your phone, why not offer up something fun to do? If she’s a crafter, maybe find a cool DIY project you guys can do together. Does she have a favorite movie she always tells you about? Sit down and watch it with her. Mom have a killer vegetable garden? Put on your least favorite pair of pants and dig in the dirt with her. Is she a runner? Throw on your sneaks and take a run together through the park. Don’t have a clue what Mom likes to do when you’re not around?
It’s the perfect opportunity to ask her! You’ll bond. You’ll laugh. You might even find something new that you’re good at doing!

All of these ideas are great ways to show Mom you care all year round. It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day, in fact, we know she’d love a kind gesture or two on the other 364 days of the year. Now that you know how to shower the leading lady of your life with tons of love, why not peep our list of the Best Fictional Moms?

Pro Tip: This list of ideas also works for Dads! Keep that in mind next month on Father’s Day!

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