Minions Comic Book

Get your stockpile of bananas ready for eating, because you’ll want to enjoy them while you read the new Minions comic book coming out this summer! You heard us right – those¬†adorably weird little yellow guys are hitting the big screen AND the comic book universe this June.

Minions Comic Book - Minion Fangirling GIF

The Minions comics will be released on June 17th by Titan Comics. You can your grubby yellow fingers on the books in a few different ways:
– The usual comic book style. 4 separate, physical comic book issues. Don’t get banana grease on the pages!
Hardcover/Paperback books that contain all 4 issues in one place.
Digital issues. If you like to read your comics digitally, this is the choice for you!

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the covers:
Minions Comic Book - Cover Art

Kevin, Stuart, and Dave will all be making an appearance in the series, as well as some possible new characters too! If we all team up together to buy and read these comics, hopefully they’ll release more than 4 issues!

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