Funny Minion Reaction GIFs

Minions are definitely some of the wackiest and totally hilarious characters to ever exist in the history of the world, so they make for great GIFs. There’s just so many to choose from! Any good internetter knows you need an arsenal of perfect reaction GIFs ready for any scenario, so we gathered up a bunch of Minion Reaction GIFs for you guys! Don’t forget to thank us for our services when you win the Funniest Kid on the Internet Award!

When you’re done checking out these Minion Reaction GIFs, our post of Kirby Reaction GIFs from last week is ready for your viewing pleasure! PS: Did you know they’re making a Minion movie? It comes out in Summer 2015! We pinky promise to keep you posted when we hear more details!

Minion Reaction GIFs:

When you and your bestie have an inside joke:
Minions Laughing Reaction GIF

Literally every day in gym class:
Minion Football Reaction GIF

When your sibling shares a snack with you instead of being greedy:
Minion Kissing Reaction GIF

When you walk by your crush in the hallway:
Baby Minion Reaction GIF

When a teacher calls on you in class when you’re not paying attention:
Minion What Reaction GIF

When you get homework over a school vacation:
Minion Screaming Reaction GIF

When you’re having a total fangirl moment:
Minions Fangirling Reaction GIF

When you have no idea what’s going on:
Minion Banana Reaction GIF

Singing along to your favorite song:
Purple Minion Screaming Reaction GIF

When your friend says something to totally embarrass themselves:
Minion Yikes Reaction GIF

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