EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Michael Recycle #4

When we last left our eco-friendly hero, he had just finished saving the migration patterns of the Monarch Butterfly in Mexico. In Michael Recycle #4, Michael and his trusty sidekick Tin Can Stan are headed across the globe to India.

Michael Recycle #4 - Preview
When Solar Luna spots a whirlpool of garbage floating in the Indian Ocean, it’s Michael’s mission to figure out why there’s so much trash and how to stop it before all the marine life dies out. Can Michael Recycle take on Throwaway Jay and save the Earth once again? You’ll find out when the issue hits comic shops on June 14th!

In the meantime, check out our EXCLUSIVE preview pages from our friends at IDW for an idea of the challenges Michael will face in this new issue.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Michael Recycle #4 – Michael Recycle and the Great Garbage Patch:

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Phew! This seems like a tough one, but we know that Michael Recycle and his friends are up for the task. Our favorite thing about Michael Recycle is how it teaches real-world environmental issues in a super fun way. Did you know that the Indian Ocean garbage patches are a real issue? In fact, there’s a few of them in other oceans around the world, and it’s up to us to work together as a planet to fix the problem.

Michael Recycle #4
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Ellie Wharton
Artist/Cover Artist:
Alexandra Colombo
Michael Recycle and his sidekick Tin Can Stan have a problem on their hands, and this one involves a great amount of garbage! Can the pair prevent a plastic-patch Indian Ocean meltdown before the world’s precious marine life dies out? Find out in “Michael Recycle and the Great Garbage Patch”!

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