5 Reasons We’re Totally Going to Miss Mega Princess

New comic book day is always an exciting time, but when you have to say goodbye to one of your favorite series, it can be kinda bittersweet. Today marks the final issue of Mega Princess from creators Kelly Thompson and Brianne Drouhard, and we’re not even trying to pretend that we’re not totally sad about it. While we’re super excited to read Mega Princess #5 and see how things wrap up for Princess Max and Justine, we’re also so sad to see such a great series come to an end.

Can someone pick up this up as a cartoon series or something? The world seriously needs more princess detectives and snarky pony sidekicks.

Mega Princess #5 - KaBOOM!
So what happens in the final issue? We don’t want to spoil it, but we can say that there’s a whole mess of frogs, a lonely evil queen, and the coolest use of Rapunzel hair that you’ve ever seen. Can Max and Justine save the day, rescue Bobs, and give their kingdom a happily ever after? You’ll have to read it to find out!

Thankfully, we’ve got a preview for you so you can take a peek into the first few pages of Mega Princess #5 from KaBOOM! While you take a peek at those preview pages, let us shower you with our tears and all the reasons we’re gonna miss this adorable series.

5 Reasons We’re Going to Miss Mega Princess:

1. It’s a truly unique story and Max is such a fantastic character:

Mega Princess is the story of a clever and crafty young girl who’s more interested in being a detective than a princess. She loves inventing and creating, exploring and investigating. She’d swap a tiara for a magnifying glass in a heartbeat and she wouldn’t be caught dead doing something traditionally princess-y. Throughout the story Max learns that being a princess really isn’t so bad, as long as she can use those princess abilities in her own way.

Being able to talk to animals changed her biggest frenemy into her best friend and being able to grow lusciously long hair helped her on more than one occasion. She can be a bit rough around the edges at times, but she has the biggest heart. With her endless imagination, her detective skills, and her princess abilities combined – Max is basically unstoppable. But – she’s also still only 10 doesn’t know everything, even though she totally thinks she does.

Knowing everything she knows now, we’d love to see how Max handles her next big case.

2. There’s literally a character named Jerk Pony:

Sure, her name is actually Justine, but Mega Princess wouldn’t be the same without her. Justine is constantly calling people out for being rude, complaining like it’s her job, and totally bringing all the laughs. She’s truly a great sidekick. Max and Justine have a super rocky relationship at first, but they’ve managed to become great friends. Now that they’re more partners than frenemies, it’d be great to see what would trigger another argument or bring them even closer together.

Plus, we just can’t get enough of Justine telling everyone how rude they are. RUDE.

3. It managed to pack a ton of laughs, adventure, friendship, and personality into just 5 issues:

Being just a 5-issue miniseries, Mega Princess really managed to deliver a great, detailed story. While we’re dying to know more about what goes on in all the other kingdoms, we always anticipated seeing where Max and Justine would travel to in each issue. There were a ton of laugh out loud moments, sweet “aww”-worthy moments, and moments that made you wonder how the heck the girls were going to find their way out of a sticky situation.

It was suspenseful, funny, sweet, and just the perfect little adventure. Sure, we’re fangirling a little here – but this book is really just something special.

If you’re looking to get into comics for the first time, Mega Princess is the perfect place to start. It reads more like watching a cartoon, the illustrations are cute and colorful, and it’s only 5 issues – so it’s not too overwhelming to catch up now that it’s ending.

4. It was oozing with girl power:

We’re seeing more strong female leads these days, which is amazing – but how often can you say you read a comic series that starred 2 girls that rescued like 50 princes completely on their own? Using their snarky senses of humor, princess powers, and unique way of seeing the world, Max and Justine are always able to take down every obstacle that’s thrown at them. (Including a totally weird, misunderstood evil queen.) It’s not just that, though. Everyone in the kingdom truly underestimated Max and didn’t believe that one small girl could handle such a big important task – saving her little brother Bobs.

Max manages to prove everyone wrong at every step and even manages to change their perspectives a bit. Maybe being able to solve a mystery is something more princesses should be able to do!

You go girl! (And pony!) Want to ooze girl power like Max? Here’s a few tips on how to Channel Your Inner Mega Princess!

5. There’s just so many more stories to tell in the Mega Princess universe:

We’re truly hoping the big “THE END???” on the final page of this issue means that we’ll be getting more Mega Princess stories in the future. Just think of all the possibilities for adventures Max and Justine could go on together! It’d be hilarious to watch Max trying to actually behave and learn to be a real princess. She’s already taught her kingdom a thing or two about not underestimating the duties of a princess or the dedication of a great detective, and there’s just so more stories to tell. The mysteries Justine and Max could solve together are endless, whether it’s at one of the many kingdoms featured in the series or even just something sketchy happening at Max’s castle. And like, what’s the deal with Amber, Max’s punk rock fairy godmother? We’d love to know so much more about her. 

Mega Princess #5 is now available at your favorite comic shop! It’s time to grab a copy of the final issue, laugh your butt off, and say goodbye. (And sob like baby Bobs when it’s over) We’re being super emotional about it, but the issue is actually super hilarious and not at all sad. It’s a great ending to a fabulous series, and we’re just so happy it existed at all!

Mega Princess #5 (of 5)
KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Brianne Drouhard
Cover Artist: Savanna Ganucheau
Price: $3.99
Synopsis: Final issue! Max and Justine come face-to-face with the Evil Queen who’s been kidnapping princes and turning them into frogs!

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