Maleficent Inspired Style

We just joined Polyvore (I know, totally late to the game, right?) and to kick off our profile, we decided to make a Maleficent inspired outfit that you can rock to go see the movie, hang out with your friends, or just wear when you’re feeling a little evil.

This Maleficent inspired style is just our idea, so if you don’t feel like going out and buying something new, it should be pretty easy to replicate in your own closet! Find some combination of black, purple, and teal or green and you’ll be pretty much good to go!

We’re not the only ones who were inspired by Maleficent, so here’s some more awesome outfits we found!  There’s everything from fancy to casual to exercise outfits! That’s right, you can rock Maleficent inspired style in gym class!

Maleficent Inspired Style:

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