WATCH: The LEGO Batman Movie Teaser Trailer

The very first LEGO Batman Movie Teaser has finally dropped, and we don’t even have words – just LOLs. If the entire movie is as great as this 2 minutes and 16 seconds of teaser, we’re in for a seriously great movie next year! See for yourself.
The trailer has everything you’d expect from the masked vigilante – a sweet underground Batcave – complete with super computer, sweeping views of Gotham, an awesome Batmobile, and of course, the Bat himself, trying to keep himself from getting bored while watching his lobster dinner cook in the microwave. Wait – what?!


The LEGO Batman Movie Teaser Trailer

The trailer starts off with Batman dropping some sweet beatboxing skills. Who knew the guy was so talented? We knew Bruce Wayne was rich and handsome, and that Batman totally kicked butt, but who knew underneath all that was just a regular guy? That’s actually what The LEGO Batman movie is all about. Sure, there’s going to be plenty of baddie butt-kickery and Joker antics, but for the first time in his life, Batman is going to learn how to be a little less…serious, a little more friendly, and a whole lot more willing to work with a team!

If we learned anything at all from The LEGO Movie, we know that movies are a million times better when they’re made of bricks. Definitely can’t wait to see this one when it hits theaters in 2017!
YAYOMG out. Wait, YAYOMG back in. Forgot to drop the mic! *mic drop*
The LEGO Batman Movie Teaser Trailer

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