Make Every Day a Party with the Klutz: Make Mini Piñatas Kit

We can all agree that piñatas are totally fun, but how often do you actually get to see one, let alone smash one in hopes of free candy? If you’re lucky, you’ll catch ’em at birthday parties while you’re a kid, but the amount of piñatas we encounter tends to fizzle out as we get older. The thing is – they’re really colorful and cute and can be shaped like anything. Why wouldn’t you want to hang a piñata in your room as a decoration or have one at your next sleepover just because? With the new Klutz: Make Mini Piñatas Kit, you can DIY your own mini piñatas to save or smash! We tried the kit out for ourselves, thanks to our buds at Klutz for sending us this kit.

The kit comes with everything you need to make three totally awesome piñatas, including:
– Colorful Piñata Paper
– Punch Out Decorations
– Base Boxes
– Ribbon for hanging
– Glue
– Project Book, complete with piñata facts

You’ll also need scissors and masking tape, two things that you can easily find around the house. (Masking tape is less than $5 at most hardware or craft stores, if you need to pick some up).

The Klutz: Make Mini Piñata project book features 10 projects to choose from and all the techniques you’ll need along the way from building to fringing to hanging. You have three base shapes to choose from: Circle (which can also be used to make the half-circle projects), Arch, and Donkey. These 3 basic shapes allow you to create everything from an emoji face to a magical unicorn. Since we’re piñata crafting beginners, we decided to make the Emoji Face.

For each project, the first thing you’ll want to do is prep. Punch out the base boxes and decorations you want to use. Pick out the colors you need, grab the scissors and masking tape, etc. With everything you need laid out right in front of you, it’s easier to focus. Every project starts the same way: assembling the base. You’ll do this by folding tabs and strips of the base in the way that’s mentioned in the instructions.

Then you’ll match up the numbered tabs and use the making tape to keep everything together. The masking tape we bought was colorful, which was super cute, but you CAN see it at the end of the project. If you don’t want the bits of colored tape to show through, you’ll want to get white or tan so it’s a little less obvious.

Once you’re all assembled, the next step in most cases is cutting your strips and getting your fringe on. There’s a handy measuring guide in the front of the book so you can always cut perfectly sized strips. This is the step that takes the longest, so pop on some of your favorite music and bop to the beat while you cut your fringe. It’ll help pass the time and make the whole experience feel like a party, which is a great vibe to have while crafting a piñata.

When your fringe is all cut, follow the steps for gluing each of the colored strips to the base. The instructions detail out the best way to tackle it, letting you know if you should do the sides first and mentioning other handy tips. Once you’ve got all your strips glued on, fluff up the fringe! Run your fingers through the fringe so it pokes out in all sorts of directions and looks crazy fun. You can absolutely leave the fringe flat if you prefer a neater look.

Thread your ribbon through the hole if you intend to hang your piñata and glue on any additional decorations (faces, etc.) to make your project come to life!

Now it’s time to decide what to fill it with. If you’re keeping it as a decoration, leaving it empty is the best bet. If you’re gonna smash it or give it as a gift, you’ll want to fill your piñata creation with something to find inside once it bursts. Candy is the classic choice, but confetti, glitter, pom-poms, paper notes, and other small, light objects will fit perfectly inside. The project book suggests using your newly made piñata as room decor, a time capsule, a gift box, and more. There’s lots of things a piñata can be!

Ta-da! Here’s our totally awesome emoji face piñata! It was super easy to put together even for total beginners like us. We also feel confident enough to move up to a more complex project for next time. We had a blast crafting our very own piñata and we know you guys will totally love this project.

The Klutz: Make Mini Piñatas kits are now available in-stores for $19.99. Learn more on and be sure to check out our other reviews for ideas on future DIY projects!

Note: We received this product for free from Scholastic/Klutz in exchange for a fair and honest review. We were under no obligation to write a positive review.