Funny Kirby Reaction GIFs

Kirby Triple Deluxe came out on Friday, and we spent most of the weekend playing it while cuddled up on the couch with our Nintendo 3DS! Is there any better way to spend a weekend?

We realized Kirby has some pretty great moves and faces, so we thought he’d be the perfect Reaction GIF candidate! Turns out Kirby Reaction GIFs are actually pretty great. Check it out, and feel free to use them anytime the mood strikes!

Kirby Reaction GIFS:

When your crush texts you back:
Kirby Phone Reaction GIF

When your parents try to wake you up for school:
Kirby Sleeping Reaction GIF

When someone makes fun of your outfit:
Kirby Sword Reaction GIF

When you’re starving and your mom hasn’t started making dinner yet:
Kirby Eating Reaction GIF

When your favorite song comes on the radio:
Kirby Dance Reaction GIF

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