Just Add Magic Just Might Be Your New Favorite Show

Holy Bananapants! What would you do if you and your besties had a 500 year old magical cookbook? Would you use Shut ‘Em Up Shortcake to make your annoying little brother leave you alone? What if there was a special recipe that could help you get on the basketball team or make your crush fall for you? Would you use it? That’s what the new Amazon series, Just Add Magic, is all about! Check out the trailer here.

When best friends Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie find a dusty old cookbook in Kelly’s grandmother’s attic, everything changes forever. The recipes in the cookbook come with warnings and use strange ingredients the girls have never heard of, and for good reason – it’s magical! All of the recipes in the cookbook have magical qualities. “Nighty Night Noodles” puts people to sleep and “Memory Enhancing Macarons”, well, enhance your memory.

When the girls realize that the recipes in the cookbook are actually magical, they must learn to follow their instincts and figure out the best way to use them to release Kelly’s grandmother and their town of Saffron Falls from an extremely powerful curse. As the girls try out each of the recipes to try and break the curse, they uncover more clues and start to realize that using each recipe comes with a big consequence and that they can’t cook their way out of every situation. Will they be able to unravel the mystery behind the cookbook before something terrible happens?

Just Add Magic
The series is a really fun watch and it always leaves you dying to find out more about the mystery behind the cookbook and what kind of crazy magic the girls will be able to whip up. You’ll absolutely want to binge-watch this one! The full series is now available to watch on Amazon Video. If you don’t have access to Amazon or just want to know more about the series, you can pick up the book it’s based on – “Just Add Magic” by Cindy Callaghan.


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