WATCH: Jessica Darling’s IT List Trailer

If you’ve ever read Megan McCafferty’s “Jessica Darling’s IT List” book series, you’ve probably excitedly skipped right over what we’re writing here and headed straight to watch the trailer, so we’ll hush it for a few seconds while you do that…

Jessica Darling is smart, witty, and about to embark on her first day of junior high. Jessica’s older sister, Bethany, is fashionable, popular, and had the ultimate high school experience before she headed off to college – so she gives Jessica a list of things she can do to really live it up and make the most of her time in middle school. As Jessica tries everything on the list from mixing up her style to trying out for the cheerleading squad, she realizes that life doesn’t exactly always go as planned and that it’s totally okay to stray from the norm (or in her case, the IT List!) and be exactly who you are. It’s the ultimate summer watch for anyone who’s about to dive head first into 7th grade life or knows what it feels like to not quite fit in.

Jessica Darling's It List Trailer

The movie will be available both On Demand and Digital HD on June 21st, so you have plenty of time to read the 3 book series before you watch!

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