“Jar”cuterie is the Cutest Party Snack

NOTE: This “Jar”cuterie recipe was originally featured in Food Network Magazine: The Recipe-A-Day Kids Cookbook. It has been republished on our website with permission.

Charcuterie boards are super trendy right now, but JARcuterie takes this party staple and kicks up the cute factor!

Tired of trail mix and on the hunt for a posh idea for a birthday party snack? Enter “Jar”cuterie. This fun twist on a party staple will elevate your snack table without elevating the effort required to cook! This simple recipe looks like it takes tons of effort, but it’s more assembly than cooking, making it the perfect pick for a budding chef in training.

Book Cover for the Food Network Magazine Recipe-a-Day Kids Cookbook

Make every day special with an easy and exciting recipe, whether it’s the first day of school, a big birthday, or just a lazy Sunday.

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Food Network Magazine: Recipe-a-Day Kids Cookbook: 365 Fun, Easy Treats
AUTHOR: Maile Carpenter & the editors of Food Network Magazine
PUBLISHER: Hearst Home Kids
DATE: April 5, 2022

Like the Garden Plot Veggie Dip recipe we shared recently, this adorable take on charcuterie comes directly from The Recipe-a-Day Kids Cookbook from Food Network Magazine. Overflowing with creative ideas for every single day of the year. From simple snacks for your study sesh or inspired holiday treats and funny fake-outs, this awesome cookbook gives you 365 reasons to test out your kitchen skills.

Every recipe in this cookbook was designed to be quick and easy, and “Jar”cuterie is no exception. Ready to level up your snack game? Keep reading below for your new favorite party treat!

Lifestyle photo of the completed Jarcuterie recipe. Three small glass jars filled with a variety of nuts, meats, cheeses, and breadsticks sit on top of a marble cutting board.
(From the Recipe-a-Day Kids Cookbook by Maile Carpenter and the editors of Food Network Magazine (Hearst Home Kids, $19.99)

RECIPE: “Jar”cuterie:


Make charcuterie in a jar!

Fill half-pint jars with candied nuts, stuffed pickled peppers, hot soppressata, jack cheese, and thin breadsticks dusted with chili powder.


This recipe is simple, but it’s endlessly customizable! Swap breadsticks for pretzels, add in fruit like grapes or chunks of apple and use your favorite meats or cheeses to make this different every single time.

The key to the best charcuterie is to make sure you have at least one item from each category: Sweet, Salty, Savory, and Spicy, so let your imagination run wild!

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