18 Ways the Inside Out Characters Understand What It's Like to Go To School

18 Ways the Inside Out Characters Totally Get What School Life Is Like

The Inside Out DVD/Blu-Ray is out today, which means that Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear are on all of our minds. (Or inside all of our minds, controlling all our feels!) The way the characters react to things in the movie is super relatable and hilarious, so we thought it would be fun to see what it would be like if they had to go to school. Turns out, they feel kinda the same as the rest of us. Mornings are hard, homework is terrible, and the best part of the day is eating mediocre lunch foods with your besties.

18 Ways the Inside Out Characters Totally Get What School Life Is Like:

Waking up for school every morning literally feels like this:

Followed by your mom doing this:

Which leads to you being late and running to your first class like:

What actually happens when you see your crush in the hall:

But on the inside you feel like:

Doing the homework but realizing you left it in your locker:

Seeing your friends at lunch:

But the food is like:

Most of the day you’re daydreaming…

…but then your favorite class rolls around and you’re like:

Finding out on a Friday about a project due on Monday:

Anytime a teacher tries to explain something you don’t understand:

When everyone else in gym class is kicking butt at volleyball and you’re like:

When one of your teachers is being really mean for no reason:

When the bell finally rings and it’s time to go home you’re like:

But then you walk out the door and it’s like:

Getting home from school before your parents:

Doing your homework always takes hours longer than it should because you’re like:
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