Inside Out Characters as Taylor Swift Songs

Inside Out is finally in theaters! Hooray! Inside Out is the story of a girl named Riley who moves to a new city for her dad’s job. Inside Riley’s mind, her 5 main emotions – Joy, Fear, Sadness, Disgust, and Anger – ¬†work to process this big change in her life. While Riley works through this big change, Joy finds that she’s no longer the main emotion in Riley’s life and Sadness seems to be taking over. Joy overreacts, and when she does, Joy and Sadness are pulled out of headquarters and are forced to go on a journey through Riley’s mind, working together to find their way back.

Since Inside Out is so emotionally driven, it reminded us of Taylor Swift! Taylor Swift’s songs and lyrics are super emotional and tend to use the same 5 emotions as the main characters of Inside Out. Here’s our picks for a tracklist made up of Inside Out characters as Taylor Swift songs!

22 - Joy

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"22" is all about letting go, having fun, and dancing the night away with your friends. Joy would definitely love dancing around to this track!

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