5 Reasons To Pick Up The Ice King Comic Miniseries

We previously wrote about the Adventure Time: Ice King comic miniseries when it was first announced, but now that it’s finally release day, we’ve got a little more info about what it’s all about! With the Fionna & Cake: Card Wars series all wrapped up, the world is ready to find out what kind of shenanigans the Ice King is about to get himself into in his 6 issue mini from KaBoom! Studios. If “It’s a comic about the Ice King” isn’t enough of a reason for you to get your read on, here’s 5 more reasons to persuade you!

Adventure Time: Ice King Comic Miniseries
1. It’s a 6 full issue mini-series about the Ice King!
While this should really be all the convincing you need, let us explain. The Ice King is one of the weirdest, silliest, and mysterious characters in all of Ooo. Sure, he can be a bit of an overbearing friend and an emotional mess, but that’s what makes him so interesting. Deep down, the Ice King isn’t a totally evil princess stealing creep – he truly does mean well. He’s just a lonely old man who spends most of his time in a freezing cold palace surrounded by nothing but penguins. If that’s not enough to make a person go a little mad, add his history as Simon on top of it. Simon Petrikov was intelligent and brave, and forced to make a lot of really hard decisions to protect himself and the people he cared about. While years of wearing the crown has made him mostly forget his past, it’s all there in his subconscious, undoubtedly the driving force between his extreme emotional distress and over the top behavior. Who wouldn’t want to read more about this guy?!

Adventure Time: Ice King Comic Miniseries
2. Marceline will definitely make an appearance.
We aren’t 100% sure that the book will go into the history of Simon and Marcy, but Marceline is definitely involved. In the first issue, Ice King wakes up to find that Gunter is missing (which is like a good 5-6 pages of laugh out loud antics while he searches for him) and there is a ransom note from a dude named Dark Magister Templi Marble. In order to rescue Gunter, the Ice King heads out to Wizard City to find out what the heck is going on. When he arrives, he finds a super cool secret society of Wizards who are also looking for the Dark Magister Templi Marble. Unfortunately, being kind of lame and weird, the Ice King doesn’t exactly fit in with these intimidatingly cool wizards. That’s where Marcy comes in. Ice King needs her help learning how to be hip enough to hang with the cool kids. (Which we’re sure will inevitably backfire in hilarious fashion.)

Adventure Time: Ice King Comic Miniseries
3. It’s written and illustrated by three folks who know their Adventure Time well.

The story is by Emily Partridge, who has worked on the Adventure Time cartoon. It’s written by Pranas Naujokaitis, who worked on the Sugary Shorts graphic novel, and it’s illustrated by Natalie Andrewson who’s drawn covers for a previous AT comic mini-series, Marceline Gone Adrift. (She’s also worked on Lumberjanes!) Between the 3 of them, they’re pretty darn familiar with the Land of Ooo, so we think the story and characters are in great hands!

Adventure Time: Ice King Comic Miniseries
4. The Adventure Time comics are always really fun!
We’ve read (and collected – we have boxes upon boxes of literally every single issue and cover of the Adventure Time comic and spin-off series. It’s a problem. But not really.) every issue of the AT comic and miniseries (and graphic novels), so we’d like to think we’re experts on the topic. All the stories have been full of laughs, weirdness, and adventure, as a true Adventure Time comic should be. If you can trust anyone when they say “Read the Ice King comic”, it’s us. Now get off your butt and get to your local comic shop to pick it up! (Fun Fact: It’s really super important to buy the single issues to support the comic titles you like. Waiting for the trade is great to have it all in one place, but buying the issues supports the people who work really hard to bring you the stuff you love and the amount of sales is sometimes what can cause a series to have a nice long run or end forever.)

Adventure Time: Ice King Comic Miniseries
5. Just do it.
We can’t really say much else without spoiling the story, so just do it okay? What if we told you there was a little bit of Ice Queen action in there somewhere? Would that help?

The Ice King comic is now available, so what the heck are you waiting for? Gunter isn’t going to save himself! (Though he honestly probably could, but let’s pretend otherwise for now.)

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