Tip and Oh are Getting a Netflix Series

“Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh” is the latest animated series heading to Netflix from DreamWorks Animation. The show picks up where the movie left off, with Oh moving to Earth to live with Tip and her mom. And don’t worry, Pig will be there too!

What kind of adventures will Tip and Oh get up to on Earth? There’s no specific details yet, but the show will follow Tip and Oh as they try to navigate their new friendship and combined human and alien culture. If it’s anything like the movie, we’re in for some big LOLs and some heartwarming life lessons. In addition to the fun and adventure, the show will also feature songs performed by the fabulous Rachel Crow, who will also be voicing Tip.

HOME: Adventures with Tip and Oh
Like most of the other DreamWorks series on Netflix, “Home: Adventures With Tip and Oh” will be a more traditional 2D animated style, which, if you’re a reader of YAYOMG, you know we’re all for. It also looks like they’re adding great textures into the mix, which gives everything a really unique look.

The series doesn’t hit Netflix until July 29th, so in the meantime, why not read up on the 9 Life Lessons We Learned from Tip and Oh from the movie, HOME.

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