HEART EYES: Tabletop Games, Snackable Slime, and Detective Pikachu

HEART EYES is a new monthly series on YAYOMG! where we’re keeping you in the know about all the latest and greatest stuff that will have you twinning with your favorite emoji.?

*NOTE: Our HEART EYES roundup is hand-curated by the YAYOMG! Team. Some of our picks are items that we have received for free for reviews. Our recommendations are based on items we loved and think our readers will love. We do not use affiliate links.

Raise your hand if you’re ready for the May edition of HEART EYES!

With the school year coming to a close, this month’s list focuses pretty heavily on things you can enjoy with your BFFs and siblings this Summer. Get into tabletop gaming, head outside for some axe throwing, or spend a rainy day inside stretching some magical slime. No matter what you choose – we think there’s something for everyone on this list! Read on to see all our favs!

HEART EYES – May 2019:

Slymes and Putties from Mythical Slyme:

HEART EYES: Axe Throwing, Snackable Slime, and Tabletop Gaming
(Image via mythicalslyme.com)

If you believe in all things mythical and magical, we’ve got the perfect find for you!

We’re totally swooning over Mythical Slyme’s line of scented, stretchy slimes and putties. Housed inside cute tins with beautifully designed labels, the Mythical Slyme experience is magical from the very first moment. They’re not just pretty, though. These slymes and putties are super satisfying to pull, squish, and twirl. We just can’t get enough!

With names like Unicorn Cooties and Mermaid Tears, how can you possibly resist?! We’re giving you the chance to win a bunch of the Unicorn Putties soon – so be sure to check back!

Nickelodeon Slime Ice Cream/Ice Pops from Nickelodeon:

HEART EYES: Axe Throwing, Snackable Slime, and Tabletop Gaming

If you’d prefer to eat your slime rather than play with it, you’re in luck! Nickelodeon found a way to make Summer even better – with these new slime ice cream cups and ice pops.

Perfect for a slime themed birthday bash or a blazing hot summer afternoon. There are two awesome frozen slime-inspired treats to choose from – vanilla ice cream cups with green slime frosting swirls and slime-streaked orange and lemon-lime ice pops.

Whichever one you choose is sure to give you 90s vibes all Summer long!

Stranger Things D&D Starter Set from Hasbro Gaming:

HEART EYES: Axe Throwing, Snackable Slime, and Tabletop Gaming

Gather up your party – it’s time to take down the Demogorgon and embark on a Stranger Things adventure, D&D style!

Take your love of Stranger Things to the next level by diving into the world of Dungeons & Dragons. This new Stranger Things edition of the classic D&D Starter Set allows you to play through the Hunt for the Thessalhydra campaign Mike and the gang were playing in Season 1.

Never played D&D before? This edition is easy to understand and breaks down the game, making it an excellent introduction for first-time players.

Wish Upon a Star Bath Bomb from Hallu:

HEART EYES: Axe Throwing, Snackable Slime, and Tabletop Gaming
(Image via halluescape.com)

Hallu recently sent us a few of their products, and we fell instantly in love! All of their bath and body products tell a story, empowering you to discover your self-confidence and channel your inner unicorn, mermaid, and fairy vibes.

Our fav? The Wish Upon a Star Bath Bomb! Carefully drop this star-shaped bath bomb into the tub, light the candle, and make a wish before blowing it out. Then lay back, relax, and enjoy the soothing fragrance of hibiscus and water lily. If your bath bomb releases a blue streak, it means a unicorn loves you!

Detective Pikachu from Warner Bros Entertainment:

HEART EYES: Axe Throwing, Snackable Slime, and Tabletop Gaming

Pika Pika! Detective Pikachu is finally on the case!

As lifelong Pokémon fans, we are so excited that the wait for Detective Pikachu is almost over. We can’t wait to explore Ryme City, crack the case, and see all our favorite Pokémon come to life like never before. Plus – who doesn’t want to see a snarky, coffee-loving, wise-cracking Pikachu? We sure do!

The mystery unfolds on May 10th!

Bunch-o-Balloons from ZURU:

HEART EYES: Axe Throwing, Snackable Slime, and Tabletop Gaming
(Image Courtesy of ZURU Toys)

We’ve just discovered a life-changing party must have!

The Bunch-O-Balloons Party Pump allows you to fill, tie, and string up to 40 balloons in 40 seconds – meaning you can transform any ordinary moment a party with minimal effort. Just attach the self-sealing party balloons to the party pump, turn it on, and watch as the balloons magically fill up!

It helps save so much time (and breath), which means gives you more time to get your party on!

The Teen Kitchen Cookbook by The Kitchen Twins:

HEART EYES: Axe Throwing, Snackable Slime, and Tabletop Gaming

Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or just getting started in the kitchen, you’ll love cooking your way through this new cookbook from The Kitchen Twins.

Filled with over 75 recipes from two teen sisters, you’ll be able to whip up everything from comfort foods to healthy snacks in no time. The Teen Kitchen cookbook also includes techniques and tips so you can learn to cook while also learning valuable kitchen skills that every budding chef needs to know!

Our personal favs? The Maple Roasted Carrots and the Honey Dijon Salmon. And yes – there IS a recipe for avocado toast!

Curiosity Kitchen from GoldieBlox:

HEART EYES: Axe Throwing, Snackable Slime, and Tabletop Gaming
(Image via GoldieBlox YouTube)

There’s a brand new addition to the Goldie Squad, and this time, they’re headed to the kitchen!

Curious Kitchen is the new YouTube series from GoldieBlox – perfect for science lovers and aspiring foodies. We love how this new series gets hands-on with culinary science in a super fun way! In each episode, Chef Alicia and her trusty robotic toaster, TESS, use explore the culinary science behind food trends – like raindrop cakes and unicorn noodles. We can’t wait to see what they whip up next!

Frosty Cookie Sundae from Wendy’s:

HEART EYES: Axe Throwing, Snackable Slime, and Tabletop Gaming
(Image via wendys.com)

Wendy’s just dropped the perfect decadent dessert for Taurus season – the Frosty Cookie Sundae!

Inspired by Wendy’s customers who were crushing up cookies into their Frostys, the Frosty Cookie Sundae has officially become a real thing! This tasty treat is a collab with Ghirardelli, so you know it’s doing to be as delicious as it is luxurious.

Our tastebuds are excited for this amazing Frosty upgrade!

Malibu Rescue on Netflix:

HEART EYES: Axe Throwing, Snackable Slime, and Tabletop Gaming
(Image via Netflix)

Grab your best pair of sunnies and your fluffiest beach towel, because we’re heading to Malibu!

Malibu Rescue hits Netflix on May 13th that follows a scrappy squad of junior lifeguards competing against the local snobby kids for the prime tower on Malibu Beach. The series promises lots of hilarious shenanigans, heartwarming life-lessons, and summery vibes that you won’t want to miss. Catch the trailer here!

That’s not all, though! Malibu Rescue is getting a series, too. Tune in on June 3rd to binge-watch even more adventures. It’s sure to be a splash!

Poo Plunge Slingshot Game from Fashion Angels:

HEART EYES: Axe Throwing, Snackable Slime, and Tabletop Gaming
(Image via fashionangels.com)

Aim for the bowl in Poo Plunge, a hilarious new slingshot game from Fashion Angels!

Use the slingshot to launch the squishy poops into the miniature toilet. The game comes with instructions for 3 games you can play, or you can get creative and make up your own rules. Poo Plunge is great for sleepovers, summer BBQs, and just a good laugh!

We’ve been playing this one around the office and can vouch – it’s a lot of fun and surefire way to set everyone in the room into a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

Zax from Zing:

HEART EYES: Axe Throwing, Snackable Slime, and Tabletop Gaming
(Image Courtesy of Zing)

Speaking of activities that are perfect for BBQs and sleepovers – it’s time to become an axe-throwing champion!

Zax is a soft foam axe that makes it safe and easy to practice your axe throwing chops (see what we did there?) at home. The suction cups on the Zax stick to most walls, windows, and doors, making it easy to find a place to play whether you’re inside on a rainy day or outside soaking up the summer sun.

It’s fun to play and practice on your own, but we suggest challenging your besties to a friendly competition and laying down some rules to make things even more intense!

Sour Patch Kids Heads and Swedish Fish Tails:

HEART EYES: Axe Throwing, Snackable Slime, and Tabletop Gaming

It’s time to get weird and wacky with your flavor combinations. Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish were already perfect – but they’re mixing things up with some seriously tasty new flavor duos!

Each of these new sugary snacks come in brand new flavors. Bite off the heads or tails to try each flavor individually or eat them all together for amazing new flavor combinations! We personally like to mix and match the Sour Patch Kids Heads and the Swedish Fish Tails for even more unique flavor combos.

TBH Deodorant from TBH Kids:

HEART EYES: Axe Throwing, Snackable Slime, and Tabletop Gaming
(Image via tbhkids.com)

Who says that changing bodies and growing up has to be awkward? Your body puts you through quite a lot as you head into your teen years – but you can take control!

It’s not always easy to figure out what products you should use to tackle acne breakouts or the fact that you’re suddenly stinky after gym class. TBH Kids totally gets it – which is why all of their products are made from natural ingredients and are made specifically for tweens and teens.

We’re especially excited about their newest release – an effective, aluminum free deodorant that’s perfect for showing puberty who’s boss!

Pokémon TGC: Let’s Play Pikachu/Eevee Theme Decks from The Pokémon Company:

HEART EYES: Axe Throwing, Snackable Slime, and Tabletop Gaming
(Image via pokemoncenter.com)

Calling all Pokémon Trainers!

We’re loving these new Let’s Play Pikachu/Eevee ready to play decks. They’re designed specifically with new players in mind and offer up curated decks and easy-to-understand instructions to help ease you into the exciting world of Pokémon TGC. Time to get your battle on!

PLUS – who wouldn’t want to own shimmering foil cards of Pikachu and Eeevee?!

Be sure to check out our April edition of HEART EYES to see all the stuff you may have missed last month!

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