Harrison Cone on Stage Fright and Producing Music

Brat’s suspenseful new series, Stage Fright, drops today, and Harrison Cone is dishing on everything you need to know.

Harrison stars as Noah, the lead actor in Crown Lake’s production of The Phantom of the Opera, who’s left in a coma after a suspicious accident. The show is a modern twist on a whodunnit mystery, bringing the drama and musical performances like no Brat series has before!

In addition to acting, Harrison is a passionate singer, songwriter, and producer who sinks hours into making music and creating the perfect track. He has new music in the works that he can’t wait to share with all his fans in the coming months.

Get to know Harrison Cone as he chats about Stage Fright, producing music, and the Brat series he dreams of starring in!

Get to Know Harrison Cone:

Teen Actor, Singer, and Producer Harrison Cone
(Photo Credit: Hollywire)
You star in the new Brat series, Stage Fright! What can you share about the show?

HARRISON CONE: Stage Fright airs March 26th, and it is a super fun show with mystery, comedy, drama and even some musical theatre. The cast is so incredibly talented and fun to watch. The director and production team was the best! It’s kind of a murder mystery, but without anyone actually dying. They will be releasing a duet that I sang on the day the show airs.

Do you have any favorite moments you’d like to share?

HARRISON: There are some funny moments where my character Noah gets dragged around in his cast. I liked the chemistry between Noah and Mikey’s character, as well as his chemistry with Lizzy and Tuesday. There’s kind of an interesting love triangle that can be explored.

If you could star in another Brat series, which one would you pick?

HARRISON: I would pick a new one about an apocalypse or maybe where I’m a music producer/DJ/artist/songwriter since that is who I am in real life. I will be releasing new songs in the next week or so.

Teen Actor, Singer, and Producer Harrison Cone
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You’re no stranger to musical theater, having starred in over 30 productions. Do you have a favorite musical?

HARRISON: I would say West Side Story was my favorite because I was the only real kid in the cast, and it was so much fun to play Baby John with all the singing and acting.

In addition to acting, you’re also a songwriter, singer, and producer. What can fans expect to hear from you this year?

HARRISON: Lots of original music that is a mix of R&B, pop, hip hop, and alternative. I am producing other artists as well.

Take us behind the scenes of producing a track. What goes into taking a song from concept to reality?

HARRISON: Sometimes I start by writing lyrics and sometimes I start by making the beat. I usually write the beat first and then the chords and melody. I mess around with sounds to get the right sounds for the song, which can take hours.

When you’re not busy working, what do you like to do for fun?

HARRISON: I really enjoy learning about things I’m passionate about and spend a lot of my spare time just doing that.

Teen Actor, Singer, and Producer Harrison Cone
(Photo Credit: Hollywire)
Who inspires you most?

HARRISON: My Dad, who is a musician, my mom, who is a songwriter, and XxxTentacion, who I met at a concert when I was 14.

What are you most passionate about?

HARRISON: I’m equally passionate about acting and music. They both allow me to express and explore my feelings and passions.

Do you have any advice you’d like to share with your fans?

HARRISON: Keep working on learning your crafts and skills to prepare yourself to do what you are passionate about and care about the people around you.

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