Hand Turkeys Designed by Cartoon Characters

Let’s face it. Besides the food, the very best thing about Thanksgiving is making hand turkeys. What is a hand turkey, you may ask? It’s when you trace your hand and decorate it to look like a turkey! If you’ve never made one, you’re really missing out, and we suggest you go grab some construction paper and scissors and get on that right after reading this post! (And glitter, don’t forget the glitter!)

BMO Hand Turkey

Since we’re big fans of cartoons, we wondered what types of hand turkeys some of our favorite characters might dream up. Thankfully we’ve got a super talented friend named Scoobykun to help us draw awesome stuff. Here’s what we came up with.

Hand Turkeys Designed by Cartoon Characters:

Hand Turkeys Drawn By Cartoon Characters - BMO
Wait a second. That’s not a turkey, BMO! That’s Lorraine, looking as beautiful as ever! (Just don’t tell Ronnie about this.)

Hand Turkeys Drawn By Cartoon Characters - Mabel Pines

Mabel Pines:
Mabel’s hand turkey is made out of macaroni, feathers, buttons, and other crafty materials. It’s no surprise she plopped a sweater on it. Hopefully Waddles doesn’t get jealous of her awesome new friend.

Hand Turkeys Drawn By Cartoon Characters - Plankton

In typical Plankton fashion, his hand turkey turned into a way to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula. Plankton’s robo-turkey comes complete with laser eyes and jet boosters, and being a Plankton creation, is destined for failure.

Hand Turkeys Drawn By Cartoon Characters - Vanellope

Vanellope created her hand turkey, Turkey von Schweetz, to take her place in Sugar Rush races while she’s off hanging out with Ralph and Felix. Looks like he’s picked up her glitchy qualities, too!

Hand Turkeys Drawn By Cartoon Characters - Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo:
Ruh-Roh! Scoob may not be the world’s greatest artist, but his paw turkey is full of heart and stuffed with Scooby Snacks.

Hand Turkeys Drawn By Cartoon Characters - Rarity

The Carousel Boutique is now offering fancy fashions for pet turkeys. Rarity’s hoof turkey, Glimmerescence, is the model for all of her fabulous new designs.

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

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