Slay Homework and Learn to Code with the Hack Laptop

NOTE: We received a Hack laptop for free from the brand in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are our own; we were under no obligation to give a positive review.

Hack is a brand new laptop that can teach you to code!

Whether you’re a budding developer in training or just looking to slay some homework, we think you’ll love the Hack laptop. Built with young users in mind, this durable starter laptop packs quite a punch. It comes pre-loaded with lots of useful apps and great hardware inside, but the best part is that it encourages its users to learn to code! There’s no surprise why it’s already winning awards!

Intrigued? Here’s why we’re loving Hack!

Our Hack Laptop Review:

Slay Homework and Learn to Code with the Hack Laptop

What is HACK & What’s Inside?:

The Hack laptop comes inside sturdy, well-designed packaging – perfect for unboxing pics and vids. Open it up and you’ll find the laptop, power adapter, Ethernet-adapter, and a few Hack stickers for you to slap on the front and make it your own. (We stuck a YAYOMG! sticker on ours, too!)

You can find the full specs by clicking here, but the 14-inch laptop is an award-winning ASUS E406MA that runs Endless OS, the open source operating system built by Hack creators, Endless. It has 4GB of RAM, a long-lasting battery, and is totally comparable to other computers in its price range and makes for a great entry level laptop.

Flip To Hack:

Slay Homework and Learn to Code with the Hack Laptop
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The thing that truly sets this laptop apart from the rest is the Flip to Hack experience. Hack invites users to explore, hack, and learn to code from the moment they set up the computer. In order to finish setting up the laptop, you’ll need to complete a puzzle that requires you to change the frequency amplitude of a sound wave to unlock a door. This basic puzzle puts you in the problem-solving mindset you’ll need as a future coder.

Once you’re in, you can start using the laptop as you usually would or click the orange button on the right side of the desktop to “flip” the screen to begin your coding adventure. There you’ll discover a hidden area filled with innovative coding quests and tutorials.

These challenges are updated monthly, meaning you’ll always be able to continue your coding education. The Hack subscription costs $9.99/month to access, which we feel is a really great price.

Hack’s coding content doesn’t use the drag and drop block coding interface like a lot of the other beginner products out there. With Hack, you’ll type code directly into a coding interface on your computer, which is how most software development happens in the real world. We adore beginner coding tools like Scratch and Tynker, but nothing beats the authentic real-world inspired experience that Hack provides for kids who are serious about learning to code.

We’re also big fans of how they continue educating kids and families about STEM rockstars and notable moments in tech history through their Instagram account.

Slay Homework and Learn to Code with the Hack Laptop

Daily Use:

The coding content is awesome, for sure. If you’re dropping $299 for a laptop, you’re going to want to use it for your homework and daily internetting. Does it hold up? We think yes. In fact, we used our Hack laptop to write this post!

Hack comes preloaded with an extensive library of open source apps and familiar tools you’d expect to see. Listen to your favorite Spotify playlist, browse the web using Google Chrome, and get your game on with Steam. Most importantly – it comes with Minecraft pre-installed!

From calculators to word processors to study tools and developer tools, Hack is packed with pretty much anything you could ever want. Need more software? Just search the Hack App Store to find anything you’re missing.

Slay Homework and Learn to Code with the Hack Laptop

What We Think:

We can describe our Hack experience with just one word – impressive! Sure, it’s not a MacBook Pro or a fully loaded gaming PC that you’ll use to practice for your future eSports career. But it’s a safe, impressive starter laptop that provides everything you need to work on school projects, chat with friends, and dive into the world of programming.

With new coding activities added monthly, there’s always a reason to keep going. Plus, since the coding activities are built right into a device you’ll use every day, there’s no reason not to give it a try. Both kids and parents can rest assured that they’ve got a great device on their hands.

Want one? Grab a parent and head to the Hack website!

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