Out of This World Glowing Galaxy Jar DIY

Are you ready to create a galaxy with your bare hands? This super cool Glowing Galaxy Jar DIY project turns any boring desk, shelf, or other ordinary room into a galaxy full of bright, shining stars – and it’s really easy to make. Here’s how you can create one!

Glowing Galaxy Jar DIY
For this project, you’ll need:

– An empty jar (we used a mason jar, but a recycle sauce or pickle jar works great too!)
– Glow in the dark fabric paint
– At least one paintbrush
– A desire to make a seriously awesome craft

Now that you’ve got all your materials together, here’s how you magically transform a super boring old jar into something to be proud of!


Glowing Galaxy Jar DIY
Step 1:
Make sure your jar is clean and dry. Wet, soggy jars are probably good for something, but definitely not this project. Pictures of empty glass jars are boring, so we spiced it up a bit.


Glowing Galaxy Jar DIY
Step 2:
Lay out newspapers, a tablecloth (but not mom’s favorite fancy one that she uses when grandma comes over for dinner), or scrap paper so that you don’t ruin your workspace. (Though, it’s arguable that getting neon, glow in the dark paint all over something is ruining it…) If you use newspaper or scrap paper, feel free to get carried away and doodle on it like we did.


Glowing Galaxy Jar DIY
Step 3:
Squirt out blobs of paint onto a piece of scrap paper or a palette, if you’re a fancy artist who has one. (Step 3 is the most fun step, so take your time and enjoy yourself)


Glowing Galaxy Jar DIY
Step 4:
Pick up your favorite (or only) paintbrush, dip it in a paint blob, and say goodbye to your lame old jar. Paint dots, splats, and whooshes all over the inside of the jar. Fun Tip: Shaking the paintbrush inside the jar or knocking it on the rim of the jar makes for some seriously awesome looking splatters.


Glowing Galaxy Jar DIY
Step 5:
Pick another color and do it again! Keep doing it until you’re bored or you think it looks finished. We like the splattered, messy look, but we’ve seen other variations where people have done just tons and tons of dots. Both look awesome, so you do you!


Glowing Galaxy Jar DIY
Step 6:
All done! Set the jar out to dry. A windowsill where it can catch a breeze helps it dry faster (and also sucks up the power of the sun, making the paint all glowy) but make sure your cat doesn’t try to jump out the window like ours did. While it’s drying, enjoy a PB&J and pat yourself on the back.

Glowing Galaxy Jar DIY
Step 7:

Once your jar is dry, you’re ready to start blowing the minds of everyone around you. Turn off the lights (ooooh! ahhhh!) and prepare to feel like you’ve been abducted by aliens and are flying through the nearest galaxy! It’s really a sight to behold, and you did it yourself!
Anytime you want to see the jar glow again, let it sit near a light or a sunny window for a bit to recharge. Magic!

Glowing Galaxy Jar DIY
Since your friends are obviously going to want one too, you’ve got their birthday gifts nailed down for at least the next year. You’re welcome!
The great thing about this jar is that it looks really great whether the lights are on or off. Neon in the day, glowy in the night. You can use the jar as a decoration, a pencil holder, a vase for fake flowers (or live ones you don’t want to live very long, since you can’t put water in there), or storage for any other random stuff you feel like putting in there!

Now that you’re a seasoned crafter with the ability to create galaxies with your bare hands, check out some other fun DIY projects by clicking here!

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