Fidget Spinner + Lip Gloss = Glamspin

As soon as we heard about Glamspin back in June, we just knew we had to share it with you guys. You’re telling us we can gloss and spin at the same time? Tell all those lame adults to take a seat. The fidget spinner craze is here to stay and they’re bringing all sorts of additional uses with them. In addition to being colorful and totally mesmerizing, Glamspin comes complete with three fruity, shimmery lip glosses.

Glamspin - Lip Glass Fidget Spinner
Who came up with this genius idea? It’s a collab between Buzzfeed Product Labs and Taste Beauty. This brightly colored orange and pink spinner stands out on it’s own, but the added lip gloss compartments really make Glamspin shine above the rest.

Where a typical fidget spinner features boring ball bearings, this one features lip gloss compacts filled with delicious gloss that’ll keep your lips soft and perfect while you fidget. It also gives your spinner a use and well-earned place in your bag. Teachers or parents got you down about how fidget spinners are so “dumb” and “don’t do anything”? Well, when your spinner is also your lip gloss, you’ll never need to explain yourself again.

Glamspin - Lip Glass Fidget Spinner
The current Glamspin features three fruity flavors – Peach Whirl, Strawberry Cyclone, and Grape Twist. Each gloss has great flavor and just a tiny hint of color and a smidge of sparkle, making them great for makeup lovers as well as those of you who like to keep it more low key. We’re definitely hoping there’s more colors and flavors released in the future, because these are a total must-have accessory!

Glamspin - Lip Glass Fidget Spinner
These spinners cost $9.99 and are available on, but they’ll be hitting Sephora, Dylan’s Candy Bar, and Saks Fifth Avenue starting in August, making them easy to snag on your back to school mall run. As always, if you’re ordering online, be sure to ask a parent or guardian for permission!

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