GIRLS WHO SHINE: Tyla-Simone Crayton, CEO of Sienna Sauce

GIRLS WHO SHINE is a new series on YAYOMG! where we’re spotlighting passionate young entrepreneurs, activists, innovators, and other girls who shine bright in a big way!

Our GIRLS WHO SHINE series continues today with Tyla-Simone Crayton, the 17-year-old CEO of Sienna Sauce!

When Tyla-Simone was 8 years old, her favorite wing place shut down, leaving her longing for their wings, but mostly their delicious sauce. Missing this family fav, she was motivated to find a way to recreate the sauce at home, so she headed to the kitchen and started experimenting. She ended up with a creation she believed was even better than the sauce she set out to make – and that’s how Sienna Sauce was born. With her mom and her aunt by her side, these brilliant women started selling wings out of their kitchen. After rave reviews from their customers, they decided to bottle their sauce, and it was on its way to becoming the national brand it is today!

(Image Provided by Tyla-Simone Crayton)

It all started with their original sauce, Tangy, but over the years, they’ve expanded the line to include even more flavors, like Spicy and Lemon Pepper. These delicious sauces can be used as dips, marinades, glazes, or in any other way you can dream up while getting creative in the kitchen. In addition to her passion for food, Tyla-Simone is a driven, business-savvy CEO who can hold her own in front of anyone, from investors to industry veterans. She is proof that if you’re willing to put in the work and dedication, you’re never too young to make your dreams come true! She’s a serious girl power icon and role model, which is why we just had to chat with her about what it’s like to be a sauce boss!

Get to know Tyla-Simone Crayton as she opens up about Sienna Sauce, her plan to inspire other young entrepreneurs, and her Shark Tank experience!

Get to Know Tyla-Simone Crayton:

(Image Provided by Tyla-Simone Crayton)
What inspired you to create Sienna Sauce?

TYLA-SIMONE CRAYTON: What inspired me to create Sienna Sauce was my favorite wing place closed down. I loved their wings so much that I tried to recreate their sauce and ended up creating something way better. Sienna Sauce was made when I was 8 years old.

You’re the CEO, and you run the company alongside your mother Monique and your Aunt Nia. Have you faced any challenges as a women-owned business in the male-dominated condiment industry?

TYLA-SIMONE: As a woman, of course I have faced challenges. Especially being in a male-dominated industry, you sometimes don’t get the recognition. Add that with not only being a woman, but being a black woman; it can be very challenging.

Instead of focusing my energy on that, I focus on the product. Does the sauce taste good? Are we a company providing great customer service? Challenges will come, but those are the things I focus on.

Which Sienna Sauce flavor is your favorite, and what is your favorite way to use it?

TYLA-SIMONE: My favorite sauce flavor is TANGY and I love to use it in many ways. I love using it as a dipping sauce with fried shrimp and when I want to use it as an ingredient, I include it in my Mom’s meatloaf. It’s really good!

(Image Provided by Tyla-Simone Crayton)
You recently took Sienna Sauce to Shark Tank! Tell us a little bit about your experience!

TYLA-SIMONE: Shark Tank was an amazing but unique experience. This was the first time Shark Tank shot in Las Vegas, and being that we filmed during a pandemic, we had to quarantine for 10 days before seeing anyone. During that time, we still had to maintain our business, making sure orders were shipped and delivered while we were remote.

Being on set was cool, and meeting all of the Sharks is something I will never forget. Though we secured a deal with Kendra Scott, the icing on the cake for me was that I got to experience this with my Mother, who is the one responsible for all of this. She believed in me, funded my dreams, and has always been there!

What’s up next for the brand?

TYLA-SIMONE: What’s up next? We are doing a rebrand!!!! I am so excited. We will be bringing live fun to the creative of the brand because I am young. I originally wanted it to be timeless, but now I want it to reflect more of my generation which means everything INSTANT.

We are in over 70 stores across the US, that includes HEB stores in Texas and Wegman stores in Brooklyn and New Jersey. We plan to expand to more stores and markets within the year. That’s just a few things I can mention. Stay tuned – we have some saucy stuff coming up, and be sure to stay connected with us at!

This is how I shine bright….

TYLA-SIMONE: I shine bright by using my platform to inspire and encourage others, especially the youth. I am developing a youth sales program to inspire and incentivize the next generation by selling the sauce, earning 40% of the profits and learning about business and sales.

(Image Provided by Tyla-Simone Crayton)
My biggest dream is…

TYLA-SIMONE: My biggest dream is really simple but so important and that is, I want to be happy and content.

The women who inspire me are…

TYLA-SIMONE: The women who inspire me are Rihanna and Zendaya! Rihanna is a multifaceted Boss and Zendaya is a changemaker. They’re both breaking glass ceilings and I aspire to be that one day.

The advice I want to share with other girls…

TYLA-SIMONE: You don’t have to do 1 thing or be 1 person. You can be a multifaceted person and not be tied into what others think you should be.

Want to give Sienna Sauce a try? Grab an adult and head to their website! Tyla-Simone suggests their variety pack that features all three flavors. Feeling inspired by the Sienna Sauce story? You can catch up on our other GIRLS WHO SHINE features here!

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