Genie in a Bikini

Genie in a Bikini aired yesterday on Nickelodeon, and we’re still laughing our butts off!

Here’s a little bit on the story: These two kids Jacob and Cruz are kind of outcasts, and wish that they could be popular. They find a genie lamp, make a wish, and out pops Matt, their very own personal genie. Matt isn’t like most genies though. He’s terrible at granting wishes, AND he wears a bikini. That’s right – a ladies bikini. His bikini doesn’t even really match very well! He’s totally weird and silly and it turns out that even though he kinda stinks at granting wishes, he’s totally awesome at throwing parties! Matt helps Cruz and Jacob throw an epic party that lands them in the popular crowd!

It’s not a super long movie, only about 45 minutes or so, so it’s a quick, fun watch – and it’s available on the site, so you can devour it on any device!

BONUS! Here’s 5 Genie in a Bikini GIFs that totally nail everyday scenarios:

When the teacher calls on you to read out loud in class, but you totally lost your place:
Genie in a Bikini - Wishes GIF

When you order food at a restaurant and it comes out wrong:
Genie in a Bikini - Bees GIF

When your brother/sister are being a total jerk:
Genie in a Bikini - Armit GIF

When you show up to the school dance in your best new outfit:
Genie in a Bikini - Appear GIF

When you get called on unexpectedly but you still get the answer right:
Genie in a Bikini - Wink GIF

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