5 Reasons You Desperately Need a Gemio Bracelet

Move over, braided friendship bracelets! These Gemio Bracelets are the new cool kid in town! Sure, it’s fun to make bracelets for your besties out of beads and thread, but what if there was a friendship bracelet that could light up when your friends are near by and even recognize and respond to a high five?! That’s what the Gemio friendship bracelets are all about – keeping you connected to your squad at all times.

Here’s 5 Reasons that Gemio Bracelets blow all other friendship bracelets away!

1. It lights up!

You can change the color of the lights to match your outfit, your mood, or just because you feel like it. It even lights up and pulses to the beat when music is playing, which totally brings your OOTD to the next level. How cool would it be to use these things at a concert? You can even use it if none of your friends have one. You won’t be able to communicate with each other, but all the other features will work.

Gemio Bracelets
2. There’s a ton of really pretty designs.
Instead of just braids and beads, you can get a bracelet that really represents you. There’s feathers, animal prints, aztec patterns, and even sparkly jewels to help you show off just how fabulous you really are. The other great thing about them? They’re really sturdy and made of metals so they won’t break or fray like your typical friendship bracelet would. You can replace the gemsets at any time to switch things up and keep it up to date with your favorite styles.

Gemio Bracelets
3. It knows when your friends are near!
If your friends also have a Gemio bracelet, your bracelet will light up with a special “light tone” when it senses they are near, letting you know it’s time for epic hangs. You can also set special signals and light effects and send them to each other using the MyGemio App. It’s super customizable and fun to send secret messages between friends that are even more personalized and special than a Snap or a text.

Is time to meet up and go to the movies? Send all your friends a special light message to make all their bracelets glow at once. Is your super mean teacher about to sneak up behind your bestie while she’s got her phone out? Send her a flash of all red lights as and alert to stop goofing off and pay attention before she gets busted!

Gemio Bracelets
4. It responds to what you’re doing!
Did you just high five your friend? Your bracelet can detect that and play a special sparkle effect to bring your high fives to the next level. It can also be set to respond to waves and other hand gestures, helping you stand out from the crowd.
Gemio Bracelets
5. It’s completely customizable!
Your bracelet will never do anything you don’t want it to do. Headed to the library? You can mute all lighting effects so you can focus. Every single aspect from the design of your bracelet to the lights and patterns is entirely up to you and your friends.

Gemio bracelets come out in early/mid 2016, but are available for pre-order now. They’re a little pricey at upwards of $80 each, but for all they can do, it’s actually not too bad of a price. Better start saving your allowance!

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