Crystal Gems Style – Garnet Outfit

In the final of our Crystal Gems Style Guides, we’ve got tips on how you can create an awesome Garnet Outfit! Garnet is the leader of the Crystal Gems and is Steven’s mentor. She taught him how to use his powers. Garnet used to be more quiet and serious, but has learned to be a little more laid back and fun. She still demands respect from the rest of the Gems and tries her best to keep the peace in the group. Her outfits mainly consists of black, red, and pink – so that’s what you can use as a guideline when creating a Garnet outfit.

Black Oversized Sweater Pink and Black Flannel Pink and Black Tee
For tops, stick to the pink/red and black. If you can find a black top with a pink star on it, that’s perfect – but since that’s not always an easy find, you can interpret her look in other ways. We like the idea of doing a black oversized sweater or tee and then rocking some pink accessories or Garnet themed accessories. If you’re crafty, you can always sew on a pink star patch.

Red and Black Two Tone Pants Pink and Black Two Tone Shorts
Pink and Black Metallic Leggings Pink and Black Ombre Tights Ripped Black Jeans
For bottoms, we love the two tone pants Garnet wears, and it just so happens that they’re pretty easy to find in most colors. Red and black or red and pink work best for Garnet. You can even find these in shorts. If the two tone thing isn’t exactly your style, you can try just black shorts/skirt/jeans with pink leggings or tights.

Star Hairclips Star Earrings Pink Fishnet Gloves
Aviator Sunglasses Garnet Necklace Mirrored Aviators Garnet Hat
Accessories for your Garnet outfit can be played up or down, depending on your outfit choices. If you went more plain with the outfit, jazz it up with star accessories or even a Garnet necklace. You can find a lot of really cool fan made Steven Universe stuff on Etsy. (or you can make your own) Fishnet gloves are a fun way to rock gloves like Garnet, but they breathe easier in warmer weather than other gloves. Plus they look awesome! Add some mirrored aviator sunglasses for the full effect!

Pink and Black Converse Pink and Black Converse
Pink and Black Sneaker Boots Pink and Black Doc Martens
Garnet’s shoes seem to be built into her outfit somehow, but she’d probably rock some high tops or boots. Converse seem like they’d be right up Garnet’s alley.

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