Gamer’s Guide to Disney Struggles

What would be in the Gamer’s Guide to Having the Best Week Ever? Two highly anticipated premieres in one week definitely makes the list! Descendants airs this Friday, and the brand new Disney XD series, Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything finally premieres tonight – both starring Cameron Boyce. Boy certainly knows how to keep life exciting!

In case you’re not up to speed, Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything is a new series about 15 year old Conor (aka KidFury), a professional gaming prodigy who was forced to retire after a bad thumb injury. Not only did Conor’s thumb injury bring his career to to halt, but it also meant he had to head to public high school for the first time! Check out the trailer!

To promote the show, Disney has released the Gamer’s Guide to things like Sandwiches, Winning, and a Clean Room – but what Gamer’s Guide would Conor have for the lives of other Disney characters? Surely they could use a little help – sometimes the struggle is truly real.

Gamer’s Guide to Disney Struggles:

Mabel Pines - Pacifica Northwest - Gravity Falls GIF
Mabel PinesGamer’s Guide to Dealing With Rude Populars
Pacifica Northwest is just the worst.

Baymax - Big Hero 6 GIF
Baymax – Gamer’s Guide to Remembering To Charge Your Devices
Don’t go anywhere without a full charge, especially if you’re a battery powered robot!

Sadness Inside Out GIF

Sadness – Gamer’s Guide to Rainbows and Sunshine
Even though Sadness plays a very important role in keeping the emotions balanced, it wouldn’t hurt for her to smile and enjoy life once in awhile.

Sven Ice Slip GIF

Sven – Gamer’s Guide to Ice Skating
Poor guy is all hooves. Somebody get this reindeer some ice skates!

Maya Hart - Josh Matthews GIF - Girl Meets World
Maya Hart – Gamer’s Guide to Talking to Your Crush Using Actual Words
Play it cool, Maya. Play. it. cool.

Marco Diaz - Star vs. the Forces of Evil GIF
Marco Diaz – Gamer’s Guide to Putting Up With Rowdy Princesses
Sometimes Star’s crazy life is just a little much for Marco to handle.

Ariel Dinglehopper - The Little Mermaid GIF
Ariel – Gamer’s Guide to Understanding Human Objects
We admire your creativity Ariel, but forks are for eating.

Lord Hater - Wander Over Yonder GIF
Lord Hater – Gamer’s Guide to Anger Management
This guy has serious issues. Take a chill pill, man.

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