Funny Disney Reaction GIFs

In case you didn’t already have enough Reaction GIFs in your stock pile, we’re here to add even more! We previously posted an awesome list of Minion Reaction GIFs and Kirby Reaction GIFs, and then it hit us – we still haven’t shared any Disney Reaction GIFs with our loyal readers! It’s time to remedy that!

It’s easy to get lost for hours hunting for good Disney Reaction GIFs, it’s almost as fun as watching the movies themselves! You get to see so many things you might have missed while overwhelmed with the full on awesomeness of a Disney movie. It’s pretty addicting!

Without further ado, here’s some totally awesome Disney Reaction GIFs:

When it’s finally summer break!
Olaf Reaction GIF

When someone tells a joke that you don’t think is funny:
Megara Reaction GIF

When you get your allowance:
Aladdin Reaction GIF

When you’re a little unsure of yourself:
Pocahontas Reaction GIF

When one of your relatives asks you how school is going:
Snow White Reaction GIF

Chillin with your best buddies on the weekend:
Lion King Reaction GIF

When you get an A on a really hard test:
Woody Reaction GIF

When your parents tell you to clean your room:
Maleficent Reaction GIF

When you tell a joke with perfect timing:
Toy Story Reaction GIF

When people are walking really slow in front of you and you can’t get around them:
Jasmine Reaction GIF

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