QUIZ: Which Emmie & Friends Character Are You?

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It’s no secret that middle school is full of challenges, and Emmie, Brianna, and Jaime from the Emmie & Friends series have been through it all! 

Navigating everything from friend fights to embarrassing moments, Emmie, Brianna, and Jaime learn to find their confidence and embrace the things that make them who they are. It’s easy to get lost in their relatable stories because they’re so realistic and honest – we’ve all been there!

Which character do you relate to most? Take our quiz to find out! Don’t forget – the newest Emmie & Friends book, Becoming Brianna, is out today from HarperCollins!

QUIZ: Which Emmie & Friends Character Are You?:

Are you social like Jaime, shy like Emmie, or super-organized like Brianna? Find out which character is most like you by taking our Emmie & Friends quiz below!

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