GIF of the Week: Donald Duck

One of the most iconic Disney characters of all time is celebrating their birthday today. It’s Donald Duck – so today is deemed Donald Duck Day! While this holiday likely won’t be as widely celebrated as Best Friends Day was yesterday, we thought it was important to give a shout out to the world’s most famous underdog. Or underduck? Is that a thing?

Donald’s always getting himself into trouble, things never seem to go his way, and he’s got a pretty terrible temper – yet he’s managed to be one of the most loved and iconic Disney characters for over 81 years. That’s a pretty big accomplishment that’s totally worth celebrating!

Our pick for GIF of the Week this week is Donald in all his sassy glory, in honor of National Donald Duck Day! Talk to the hand naggy parents, haters, and homework giving teachers. Donald ain’t got time for that! Donald is pretty much the original Angry Bird!

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