Totally Cool – DohVinci

If you’re a living, breathing human being, you have probably played with Play-Doh at some point in your life. Whether you’ve squeezed it through the little Play-Doh Fun Factory or just licked it because you wanted to know what it tastes like (it’s salty, BTW), Play-Doh was likely a part of your childhood. But Play-Doh and Hasbro are about to blow your mind with DohVinci!

DohVinci is basically a hot glue gun shaped tool that you can use to create pretty much anything with super colorful, awesome, 3D flair! All you need to do is pop in your favorite DohVinci color, squeeze it, and create! That’s it!
There are going to be little kits so you can create specific things like picture frames and jewelry boxes – or you can use the tool to create anything you like on pretty much any surface. Perfect for all you DIY-ers out there! Just don’t cram any actual PlayDoh in there, or you might break it – DohVinci uses an all new formula! Science!

DohVinci seems to be girl-oriented, but boys, you can play too! Maybe some brother/sister bonding time is in your near future!

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