Famous Paintings Recreated Using DohVinci

You’ve probably made your fair share of awesome DohVinci creations, since the stuff sticks to pretty much everything – it’s one of the most fun things to craft with! But these creations go above and beyond anything else we’ve ever seen, and should totally be hanging in a museum. In fact, the paintings they are based on DO hang in museums all around the world!

In honor of Art Appreciation Month (which happens to be August!), Hasbro created DohVinci paintings based on famous paintings such as Van Goh’s “Starry Night” and Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” (We see what you did there, Hasbro!). You’re definitely going to want to check these out and give yourself an art education! It’s kinda mind-blowing how good they are.

DohVinci Paintings

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Starry Night by Vincent van Goh

Now that you’re inspired and feeling creative, it’s time to get to work on your DohVinci Paintings! All you need to do is print out (or draw, if you’re super talented) your favorite painting and use your DohVinci Styler and Deco Pops to trace the outlines and color it in! You may not make the walls of a museum, but maybe you’ll become Insta-famous. That’s way better anyway, right?

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