POLL: Are You A Doge Or A Grumpy Cat?

If you’re a human who uses the internet, Doge and Grumpy Cat are likely somehow weaved into your daily routine. Even if you’re not a fan of memes, it’s pretty hard to make it through an entire day without seeing at least one of these famous critters.

People use these memes all day long in the name of silly fun, but we wanted to know which one you relate to more. Is your personality more like Doge or Grumpy Cat? That’s where our Doge vs Grumpy Cat Poll comes in! It’s time to find out!

Doge is coy, a little naive, and always smiling. Oh, and totally cute.
Grumpy Cat is well, grumpy! And pretty much always napping.

Vote in our Doge vs Grumpy Cat Poll below and tell us which one YOU are more like!
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