DIY: Jelly Bean Bracelets

These DIY Jelly Bean Bracelets by Artzy Creations are not just adorable, they’re edible too! With Easter only a few days away, you’ll have plenty of time to make jelly bean bracelets to share (and then devour) with all your friends!

We’ll leave the full instructions to the expert, Artzy Creations (seriously, go check out her post for much more specific instructions!), but here’s a quick how to:

Grab some jellybeans
Eat a few
Grab a needle and stretchy cord
Eat a few more jellybeans
Cut the cord and tie a knot so the jellybeans stay in place
Eat more jellybeans, obvz
Use the needle to thread the remaining jellybeans onto the cord
Try to not to eat it before you wear it at least once!

If you make these super fun jelly bean bracelets, make sure to share a pic with us! (and tell Artzy Creations all about it!)


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