Disney Mashup Songs

13 Amazing Disney Mashup Songs You Need to Hear

What could possibly be better than Disney songs? We think we may have found the answer – Disney songs mashed up with pop songs! Disney songs mashed up with other Disney songs! Pretty much any kind of Disney mashup song!
We scoured the internet for the best of the best to share with you! These Disney mashup songs include big screen favorites like Frozen, small screen sensations like Descendants, and catchy pop songs that you just can’t help but dance to.

13 Amazing Disney Mashup Songs You Need to Hear:

Let Go What I’ve Been Looking For – bringmethemashup

First up on the list, “Let Go What I’ve Been Looking For” mashes up two super popular Disney favorites, Frozen and High School Musical! The icy chill of “Let it Go” really brings “What I’ve Been Looking For” to the next level.

Hello Kitty to the Core – martin lalo

Anything mashed up with “Descendants” is okay with us, and Avril’s “Hello Kitty” is no exception! Masheruppers – please make more Descendants Mashups! May we suggest “Did I Mention?” Or “Set It Off?” Maybe “If Only?” Okay, what about all of them mashed together into one ball of amazing?

This Is Everywhere – bringmethemashup

This one is a bit of a throwback, mashing up “This is Me” from Camp Rock and “Everywhere” by Michelle Branch. Someone could definitely win Final Jam with this mashup!

Digital Funk – CMCroom the DJ Hero

Living life any way but ordinary is kind of Phineas and Ferb’s thing – so they’d definitely be down for this 8-bit version of “Let’s Go Digital” mashed up with “Uptown Funk!”

Am I Wrong for Breaking Free – bringmethemashup

What is it about High School Musical mashups?! This one mashes up “Breaking Free” from HSM2 and “Am I Wrong” by Nico & Vinz. A perfect choice for the Midsummernight’s Talent Show!

American World – martin lalo

The Girl Meets World theme, “Take on the World”, mashes so well with Bonnie McKee’s “American Girl”, it sounds like it should just be the real song!

Gonna Get This Problem – martin lalo

Ariana and Miley, or should we say, Hannah, is kind of amazing. They should do more together in real life, but only if Miley promises to don the blonde wig one One Last Time! 😉

We’re All Cool for the Summer – Builibou

This one mashes up Demi Lovato, former Disney Channel queen with “We’re All in This Together” from High School Musical. Even mashed up, it still makes for a great group dance number!

Part of Unstoppable – martin lalo

We never realized until this moment just how much “Unstoppable” sounds like a Katy Perry song. Also, can we get a moment of silence for A.N.T. Farm, please?!

Better in Top of the World – martin lalo

You wouldn’t think mashing up Imagine Dragons with a Disney Channel theme song would ever work in a million years, but here we are, loving this Better in Stereo/On Top of the World mashup!

Gravity Falls/Star vs. the Forces of Evil Theme Mashup – Rongasuu

There are no words for how delightful this is. Just listen and then listen again and again and again. And then think about how great it would be if Star traveled to the Gravity Falls dimension and became best friends with Mabel. Think of all the sweaters they could share!

Mr. Brightside at Gravity Falls – oneboredjeu

The mysterious nature of the Gravity Falls theme seems to make it the perfect song to mash with! It works perfectly with “Mr. Brightside” as well as….

Gravity Falls/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Theme Mashup – TheDanielsaur

The Friendship is Magic theme! Mabel Pines is definitely magic.

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