WATCH: Dawn of the Croods Trailer

When Santa comes to visit on Christmas Eve, he won’t just be bringing presents – he’ll be updating our Netflix libraries with a whole season full of The Croods! Check out the trailer here.

Dawn of the Croods is a brand new animated series from DreamWorks, based on your favorite prehistoric family, The Croods! Watch as Eep, Grug, Thunk, Ugga, Sandy, and Gran take on modern day problems for the first time in history! The Croodacious era will never be the same as their lives are filled with slumber parties, sugar rushes, eye rolling, and homework.

Dawn of the Croods
Plus, there’s a whole new family of cave people, The Boors, who are just dying to be better than the Croods in every way possible. The kids, Sulk and Bulk are part of the in-crowd at school, and the parents are always trying to get the upper hand over Grug and Ugga. Sounds like we’re in for some hilarious prehistoric drama!

Dawn of the Croods
Dawn of the Croods will bring the gang to life in a fully 2D animated series instead of the 3D style of the movie. (Like Turbo Fast and Peabody and Sherman) While some fans are a little disappointed in the design, we’re actually kind of loving how it gives them a very Flinstones-esque vibe. Seems appropriate.

It’s also nothing to lose your loincloths over, as the Croods sequel will be hitting theaters in 2017, and you’ll get to enjoy them in all their big screen, 3D glory once again.

Dawn of the Croods
Dawn of Croods hits Netflix on December 24th!

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