Create Your Own Secret Language: Can You Crack Our Emoji Code?

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Sometimes you need to communicate in a language only you and your friends can understand to keep your secrets safe. That’s what the new book, Create Your Own Secret Language, is all about!

The book is filled with everything you need to know about inventing your own codes, ciphers, and secret messages. You’ll learn about the fascinating history of language, all while trying out super fun code-based activities. By the end of the book, you’ll know how to create your ciphers, craft your own scytale out of a paper towel roll, and be the master of swapping mysterious messages.

Create Your Own Secret Language Book Cover

Protect your diary from snooping siblings. Share your secrets with a BFF. Guard your texts from unwanted eyes. Create the lingua franca for your own fantastical secret world! Expert language creator David J. Peterson (inventor of languages for Game of Thrones, the Marvel Universe, and more) guides you as you create own secret languages, codes, ciphers, and hidden messages.

​From simple cyphers to entirely new alphabets, Create Your Own Secret Language will help you master the skills of secret communication, whether it’s written, drawn, or spoken. By the time your finished reading, you’ll be able to share messages memora vosak laz vos otihoe vosecchi! (“that no one will be able to understand!”)

Create Your Own Secret Language: Invent Codes, Ciphers, Hidden Messages, and More
AUTHOR: David J. Peterson
ILLUSTRATOR: Ryan Goldsberry 
DATE: June 30, 2020

Inspired by the symbol-based code activity in the book, we created our own emoji cipher and a few secret messages for you to decode! Think you’re up to the challenge? Try to crack our emoji code below!

Create Your Own Secret Language:

According to Create Your Own Secret Language, “a cipher is a system that replaces each letter in a word with another letter. In a basic cipher, each letter is always replaced with the same letter throughout the message The first step to creating most codes is creating a cipher.”

By matching up the letters and numbers in your message to correspond with different letters and numbers, you’ll be able to encode whatever you’re writing about. Whether you’re dishing on your crush or writing your latest journal entry, your secrets will always be safe. To the untrained eye, your message will look like a scrambled mess that doesn’t make sense. But give someone your special key, and they’ll be able to decode your message and read all your innermost thoughts.

QUIZ: Can You Crack Our Emoji Code?:

Letters and numbers aren’t the only way to create coded messages, though. You can use basic symbols, drawings, and even emoji! We made our own emoji cipher, and we’re giving you the key!

Can you crack these five secret messages? Use the cipher key above and take the quiz to see if you can figure out which messages have been decoded correctly.

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Emoji Cipher Activity Sheet:

(Click here for a bigger version you can save & print!)

For even more fun, we’ve created an activity sheet that you can download! Print out a copy, and see if you can unscramble the codes. Turn it into a challenge by sharing copies with your BFF or your siblings and see who can decode the messages the fastest!

Ready to take charge and make messages that no one will be able to understand? Create Your Own Secret Language is now available wherever books are sold! Click here for more info and to take a peek at some of the pages!

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