Chichens is a Delightfully Strange New Game from HyperBeard

If you’ve played HyperBeard’s other games like KleptoCats or Clawbert, you know that they’re all about creating simple, yet fun little experiences. Their latest game, Chichens, also focuses on collecting their their other games do, but in a fresh new way. They totally reimagined what a collection game can be. In what we’d call a clickathon (a mashup of a clicker and a collectathon), you’ll be doing a whole lot of tapping and a whole lot of collecting.

That’s not a typo, by the way. Chichens are chicken-like creatures, but they aren’t chickens. Well, some of them are. Each Chichen has their own look, personality, and vibe that makes them way more exciting than your ordinary chicken. A Chichen can be a poop emoji, a corgi, a lightbulb, or pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Ready to get your Chichen on? Keep reading for our review and some quotes from the HyperBeard team about their experience working on the game.

Chichens Review - HyperBeard

You’ll start off with just one lonely Chichen. He’s so smol and alone, so you should probably give him some friends. Give him a tap. Oh look, now he’s running around like a lunatic! HyperBeard really brought the ‘hyper’ to this game in a big way. We laugh hysterically every time our Chichens run around all crazy.

Chichens Review - HyperBeard
Continue tapping your Chichen until you steal all his energy and fill up the EGGnergy meter. Hooray! You’ve earned yourself a a shiny new egg. Sometimes Chichens will run out of energy and fall asleep while you’re trying to tap them. It may seem rude, but it’s not. Chichens deserve rest just like the rest of us. Once your egg is ready to hatch, a delightful new Chichen will be born! 

Chichens Review - HyperBeard
Like we mentioned earlier, each Chichen is completely unique. They have their own look, name, and a bunch of silly personality traits like “Takes it’s calculator to the market” and “Kinda creepy”. The anticipation of not knowing what kind of Chichen you’ll hatch paired with the utter delight when you finally see which one you get is what makes this game so addicting. The team at HyperBeard knows it, too. They put a lot of time and hard work into designing unique characters.

“After designing hundreds and hundreds of objects in our previous games, I must say that it was really refreshing to get the task of designing hundreds of chickens. You never know where the inspiration will come from. For example there is a Chichen that is a hole and I do not know why.”Juan Pablo, Art Director, HyperBeard Games

Chichens Review - HyperBeard
The game currently has 4 areas: Forest, Cave, Dungeon, and Temple. There are 20 unique Chichens to collect in each area, but you’ll only be able to feature 10 of them at a time on the screen. Consider those your crew, your squad, your besties. It’s up to you whether you want to fill each area with the cutest ones, the heaviest ones, or the rarest ones. We generally go for a mix of cute and rare, because we’re superficial like that.

Chichens Review - HyperBeard
With all that running around, your Chichens are likely to get hungry, right? It’d be nice to give them something to eat. Tap the berry icon in the top left to open up the feeding menu. For 50 coins, watching an ad, or using a precious feather (we don’t recommend wasting them here if you can avoid it, they’re too valuable.) you can buy some food for your new friends.

You’ll notice that on this screen the Chichens are no longer frantic, they’re all lined up nicely, patiently waiting to for their food. Tap the Chichen you want to feed and watch it’s level go up. Delicious power. As your little buddies level up, they’ll get super huge and even cuter. They’ll also give you more energy when you tap them. Making the Chichens grow into huge little beasts is maybe the best thing other watching them run like mad.

Chichens Review - HyperBeard

– Remember to check in daily to earn your Daily Prize of coins or feathers.

– Feathers are the hardest to get and most valuable item in the game. Use them wisely.

– If you ever see a treasure chest floating by, you’ll definitely want to click on it. It’ll start up an ad, but at the end, it will dump a bunch of coins all over the screen. Tap the coins to collect them and add them to your inventory so you can afford to treat your Chichens to a nice meal.

Chichens Review - HyperBeard
is off to a really solid start and absolutely worth a download. The colorful art, fairytale-esque soundtrack, and the always present wit and humor makes the game truly great. You won’t be able to put the game down until you’ve collected them all, and by then, we’re sure HyperBeard will have added even more Chichens to collect, worlds to unlock, and goodies. 

The team had a lot of fun creating this game, and that really shines through while you play. Chichens went through a bit of an identity crisis on the way to becoming a completed game, but we’re so glad the team found a way to bring this silly game to life. 

“It was really exciting working on this project. It had many changes but in the end we were all happy with the final product. Wait for new updates!” – Joe Dorado, Game Developer, HyperBeard Games

Chichens Review - HyperBeard
Besides crafting some our most favorite mobile games, HyperBeard thrives at building a charming world with lots to do with each and every game they release. We can’t wait to see what’s next both in future Chichens updates as well as more games from our favorite game studio. Don’t tell anyone, but we heard a rumor there might be hats/accessories coming soon.

Chichens is now available for both iOS or Android devices. The game is free to download, but there are in-app purchases for feather bundles. Always be sure to ask a parent before making a purchase.

Want to know more about how mobile games are created? Check out our interview with Antonio Uribe, Co-Founder of HyperBeard Games!

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