Cartoon Theme Song Covers

Super Awesome Cartoon Theme Song Covers

One of the best things about cartoons are their awesome theme songs! They’re catchy and fun and totally get you in the mood to laugh your butt off and hang out with your favorite characters. As always, fans love to cover their favorite songs, and cartoon theme songs are no exception. There’s tons of mind blowing cartoon theme song covers out there – so many that it was super hard to make this list! From piano covers to hard rock covers and everything in between, here’s 8 Awesome Cartoon Theme Song Covers for you to jam out to!

Adventure Time – FourAMFriends

A short, but super fun pop punk cover of the Adventure Time theme song! Grab your friends and rock out!

Star vs. The Forces of Evil – Caity Bair

As if a song that includes rainbows and puppies could possibly be cuter, Caity Bair takes the cute factor up a notch in this totally adorable Star vs. The Forces of Evil cover!

Steven Universe – James Roach

Not only does this chiptune cover of the Steven Universe theme totally blow our minds, the 8-bit art in the video gets us hyped to save the day and then go out for pizza!

My Little Pony – aramitz

Another pop punk cover, this time of the My Little Pony theme. Pop Punk is Magic!

Ever After High – AaYoV

This piano cover of the Ever After High theme is a perfect whimsical version that fits great with the show!

TMNT – Chainz45

Rock out to the TMNT theme like never before as this guy totally shreds!

Gravity Falls – Alina Gingertail

This cover really captures the mysterious nature of Gravity Falls in the best way!

Littlest Pet Shop – wolfclient3323

Bet you never thought you’d hear a hard rock version of the LPS theme. The quality is a little low, but this guy just crushes it!

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