Cartoon Characters Wearing Sombreros

Since it’s Cinco de Mayo, everyone is celebrating with delicious Mexican food, music, and more! Nothing says fiesta like a sombrero, so we opened up Photoshop and got to work.  The result? Cartoon Characters Wearing Sombreros!

Have you ever wondered what Elsa and Anna might look like while wearing a sombrero? They celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Arendelle, right? Mordecai and Rigby are always down for a good time, so they definitely would be down for a taco eating contest! Mike and Sulley would probably write a play about it! “Put That Sombrero on Your Head or So Help Me!” is sure to be a big hit!

And now for the moment of truth…use your eyeballs and see for yourselves!

Cartoon Characters Wearing Sombreros:

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