Cartoon Characters Wearing Mario Hats

Mario Kart 8 is finally here! We’ve been waiting basically forever for this game to come out, so we decided to celebrate! If you’re as excited for Mario Kart 8 as we are, these Cartoon Characters Wearing Mario Hats are sure to make your heart race! See what we did there?

What kind of racers do you think these cartoon characters would be?
Marceline seems like the type of racer who’d love drifting. Clarence would probably use a lot of blue shells and win at the last minute and think it’s funny. Minions would obviously throw a lot of banana peels. And Captain America would always try his best and play fair. Now that we think about it, it really WOULD be kinda great if cartoons could race in Mario Kart!

And here they are! Cartoon Characters Wearing Mario Hats!

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