Brother Haters Anonymous

Have you ever been completely and totally embarrassed by your younger brother or sister? Molly Maneuver has, and it was on the very first day of eighth grade. Molly isn’t the only one attending Pearson Middle School this year, her little brother Zack is starting sixth grade. He’ll be at the same school as Molly every single day, all year long. Molly already isn’t thrilled by this, but after Zack embarrasses her in front of the entire school – she’s had enough.
Brother Haters Anonymous
After being humiliated, Molly finds a life changing, mysterious letter in her locker – offering to help with her “brother problem”. It turns out, Molly isn’t the only girl at school with an annoying little brother, and those girls have made a secret club called Brother Haters Anonymous!

Brother Haters Anonymous Brother Haters Anonymous Brother Haters Anonymous
“Brother Haters Anonymous” by Lynn Dickinson is jam-packed with adventure and is a super fun read for anyone who’s experienced the total agony of having a younger sibling. Sometimes they’re cute and adorable. Sometimes they’re the worst little humans on Earth. For Molly and the rest of the girls in the BHA,  it seems their little brothers are never gonna get better. They’re gonna be terrible little troublemakers for all eternity. But little brothers are people too, and Molly is about to learn a big lesson about how important her relationship with Zack really is.

You can get your copy of “Brother Haters Anonymous” for Kindle by clicking here. It only costs $3.99, so we think mom and dad will be totally okay with this purchase. Parents love cheap reads, and we know you’ll be reading BHA over and over and over again!

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