5 Reasons it’s Good to Be a BRATZ!

The Bratz are back! Cloe, Yasmin, Jade, and Sasha are back and better than ever, and this time they’ve brought a plus one! They’ve added a 5th girl to their squad, Raya, who’s got a crazy awesome sense of humor and of course, a sensational sense of style! (She’s got HAMBURGER shoes, #nuffsaid!) The new and improved Bratz are super into selfies, self expression, creativity, and friendship. Here’s 5 Reasons it’s Good to Be a Bratz and facts about the Bratz revival!

1. These modernized Bratz are still the same girls you once knew, but updated with a modern twist!

Bratz- Chloe - It's Good to Be a Bratz
Cloe is still into art and soccer, but is now also social media obsessed. She’s really into photography.

Bratz- Jade - It's Good to Be a Bratz
Jade is still the most fashionable girl you’ll ever meet. She loves surfing, skateboarding, and pretty much any sport. Literally can’t get anymore awesome if she tried.

Bratz- Yasmin - It's Good to Be a Bratz
Yasmin is still shy, yet musical, but now she’s more boho hippie with a passion for ukulele.

Bratz- Sasha - It's Good to Be a Bratz
Sasha’s still got the sickest dance moves and she’s now she’s added YouTube makeup guru to her list of skills.

Bratz- Raya - It's Good to Be a Bratz
Raya is the new girl. She loves glamping, playing pranks, and star-gazing. She’s got humor for days and always keeps the girls on the brink of adventure.

2. There’s now a webshow! The very first episode is about taking the perfect selfie!

You can peep the series here. We’re obsessing over the stop-motion style. Fingers crossed they keep that up in future episodes!

3. They’ve got their own emojis! Get the Bratz Emoji keyboard for your phone so you can endless text amazingness with your besties. No seriously, they’re kind of great:
Bratz Emoji Keyboard - It's Good to Be a Bratz Bratz Emoji Keyboard - It's Good to Be a Bratz

There’s also going to be another Bratz app soon. It’s called C.I.Y.(Create It Yourself) Shoppe and it’s going to be bursting from the seams with goodness.
Bratz CIY Shoppe App - It's Good to Be a Bratz Bratz CIY Shoppe App - It's Good to Be a Bratz
Fashion design, photo decoration, games, episodes, and even daily challenges. We’ll keep you posted when we find out more about the app and when you can get your hands on it!

4. They’ve got a sweet new song! Bratz What’s Up by Skylar Stecker

It wouldn’t be a Bratz revival without a super catchy song! Skylar Stecker is 13, she’s crazy talented, and she’s got awesome style. (Not to mention the fact that she was on a few episodes of Austin & Ally!) Can we just nominate her to be the 6th lady in the group already?

5. The dolls are starting off with 5 new lines, with more to come! F.I.V.E. The girls have barely been back a few weeks and they’re already taking over the world! Check the gallery for a glimpse at some of the dolls:


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Study Abroad Collection

Hello My Name Is – This is the main line, reintroducing the girls and their passions to the world.
#SelfieSnaps – Each girl comes with a tech accessory, smart phone, and an outfit worthy of an #OOTD selfie!
Fierce Fitness – Get your workout on! Each girl has a cute exercise outfit and accessories like an iPod and water bottle.
#SnowKissed – This winter themed line is all about hitting the slopes with your friends and staying warm with hot cocoa!
Study Abroad – Time to travel! Learn about different cultures and fashion from around the world.

On top of these 5 lines, there’s also the Create It Yourself Fashion Set that lets you design your own fashions, complete with mannequin, and an upcoming Walmart exclusive Slumber Party themed set too!

Now that you know pretty much everything there is to know about the Bratz revival, you can carry on with your regularly scheduled lives!


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