What’s Your Back to School Horoscope?

Back to School season is upon us! While it’s always exciting to call up your friends and discuss your schedules and get an awesome haul of new school supplies, the excitement generally wears off after the first day (or first homework assignment).

Before you get overwhelmed with hard  assignments and cranky teachers, take a moment for yourself and find out what your school year is going to be like with our Back to School Horoscopes! Find your Zodiac sign below to find out the future of your school year!

Back to School Horoscopes:

Back to School Horoscopes
March 21—April 20
It’s going to be a busy back to school season for you, Aries! There are so many new and exciting things to do, but it’s very easy to become overwhelmed by all you need to get done. From studying to projects to after school clubs, you’ve got a LOT going on. While you should always keep your mind and eyes open for new adventures, be careful not to overflow your (probably awesome) planner; things are always more fun when you give yourself some breathing room to enjoy them!

Back to School Horoscopes
April 21—May 21
This is the year for renewal, Taurus. You’re heading back to school, and you’re on a bit of a mission. Something that has been quiet in you for a long time is really going to shine, and you should embrace the change! It’s nice to be able to be yourself and let people know the real you, especially after a long, amazing summer. Bust through those double doors like Riley and Maya and embrace this school year with open arms!


Back to School Horoscopes
May 22—June 21
It’s going to be a year of progress, Gemini. This back to school season, it’s all about improving for you, from awesome grades to super fun weekends. Go for it! There’s nothing wrong with making slight changes to achieve a goal that you set for yourself, as long as you stay true to what you want! Don’t be discouraged by any setbacks, just try your best to get back on track! Don’t forget – it’s totally okay to ask your friends and teachers for help if you feel yourself struggling.

Back to School Horoscopes
June 22—July 22
You’re magnetic, Cancer! This back to school is going to be full of surprises, one of them being how much attention you’re used to. Maybe you’ve made a little change or are walking taller these days, but there’s definitely something about you! Use your wonderful charm to make good differences in the world, Cancer, the universe will reward you. Now go rock those hallways like the boss you are!


Back to School Horoscopes
July 23—August 22
The most important thing for you to remember this back to school is confidence, Leo. Stay extra sure of your own talents and abilities, and everything will be A-okay. People will be looking to you to lead, so maybe this year is the perfect opportunity to join a sport or club you’ve always wanted to join (can you say Class President?).


Back to School Horoscopes
August 23—September 22
“Practice makes perfect”, Virgo. That’s the phrase you should carry with you as you enter back to school season this year. You’re usually someone who thinks things through and believes in practical solutions, and you should stick to it! That kind of thinking is the ticket to achieving all the things you want, and this year, you’re going to do just that! Nothing can hold you back from acing that test as long as you stick to your instincts and go with your gut.


Back to School Horoscopes
September 23—October 22
Don’t be afraid to speak up this back to school season, Libra. Sometimes, you have a tendency to go inside yourself and keep quiet (go introverts!) But just remember: it’s always okay to say what you think, as long as your delivery is kind and thoughtful. Let your sensitive and social nature guide the way, Libra. Let go of the shy, embrace the friends – you’ll be thanking us by the end of the year when you’re kicking back on Summer vacation with all those new BFFs.


Back to School Horoscopes
October 23—November 21
Has something been getting in your way, Scorpio? Take some time to think it over; maybe it’s been you in your own way the whole time! Back to school means a new year and a fresh start for you! Do what you can to kick down those pesky barriers and distractions and take on those boring Mondays. Once you do, you’re going to be able to focus on all of the wonderful things that matter most to you.


Back to School Horoscopes
November 22—December 21
Our favorite thing about Sagittarius is how resourceful they are, in every situation. You always have been able to look around you and figure out how to make the most out of what you have. That natural skill is going to get you really far this back to school, Sagittarius. You have the gift of being able to realize you won’t always get everything you need to succeed, but that definitely doesn’t mean you can’t. You’ve got all the skills to make the most of any hard assignments or mean teachers who come your way.


Back to School Horoscopes
December 22—January 20
Pay close attention to the little details this back to school season, Capricorn. There are signs all around you – they come from your friends, your family, and your teachers. For example, a good grade is a sign that you’re doing exactly what you need to and that you worked hard, so you keep up your routine to get more! Without paying attention to those signs, though, you might miss what to ditch and what to honor. Some things may seem like annoying particulars, but we say dig in!


Back to School Horoscopes
January 21—February 18
You’re craving some adventure, Aquarius! This back to school, let your curiosity be your guide. You’ve always had such a thirst for knowledge and new things, but this year is going to be a whole new level. You’ll do things you’ve always wanted to do, because you’re a little more confident. As long as you’re careful and take your time, it is bound to be a very exciting school year. Don’t be afraid to try a new club or get involved in a big way!


Back to School Horoscopes
February 19—March 20
This back to school season is going to be all about giving for you, Pisces. People are going to be looking to you as someone to lean on, and you’re going to be perfect for the job. Pisces is a very generous sign, so let your selfless personality shine. Not only will it make a difference and make people feel better, it’ll make you some new friends that are sure to be around for a long time!

Now that you’re ready to take on the school year, check out our Zodiac Quizzes or one of our Lookbooks so you can get ready to go back to school in style!

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