Randomly Funny – Avengers as Mean Girls

The Avengers are some of the best butt-kicking, world-saving super heroes we can think of. Which is why it’s extra hilarious to see the Avengers as Mean Girls, all dressed in pink! (But only on Wednesdays! Or else you can’t sit with us!)

Avengers as Mean Girls

Not sure what’s going on here? Neither does Captain America, but he’s being such a good sport about it! Let us explain – the reference “On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink!” is from the movie Mean Girls. Captain America got frozen in the 1940’s until modern times, so he missed out on a bunch of really important stuff – like Mean Girls, cronuts, iPhones, and the internet. He’s probably the only person on Earth who doesn’t know all the words to “Let It Go”.

He has a little catching up to do, but he decided to wear pink with his buddies so the Avengers as Mean Girls can live on! Hooray!

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