Astrid Inspired Outfit – HTTYD2

How to Train Your Dragon 2 comes out next week, so we thought it would be fun to whip up an Astrid inspired outfit that you can rock when you go check out the movie!

This Astrid inspired outfit has a little bit of edge, a little bit of girly flair, and is totally cute – just like Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon!

Since rocking spikes and viking gear isn’t exactly comfy, we went for a more modern approach than Astrid wears. We swapped out Astrid’s green shirt with a skull tank, gives the same cool edge without lots of bulk! If you prefer the stripes, that’s okay too! Just make sure to rock some cool metal skull accessories! Just don’t forget the leather headband – it’s a MUST have to complete your Astrid inspired outfit! Want to take a better look at this outfit? Check out our Polyvore page!

Now that the outfit is complete, we just need to wait patiently for the movie to be released! HTTYD2 is gonna be awesome!

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