Areana Lopez Dishes on Dance and her Upcoming Clothing Line

Areana Lopez is following her dreams in a big way!

Areana started dancing when she was two years old and has been dancing to the beat of her heart ever since. From Dance Moms to dance competitions, this talented dance diva has done it all. Her latest project? She’s working on her own clothing line that she’s hoping will inspire confidence in teens and tweens everywhere.

Get to know Areana as she chats about her deep passion for dance, connecting with her fans, and the times she feels most confident.

Get to Know Areana Lopez:

Areana Lopez Dishes on Dance and her Upcoming Clothing Line
(Photo Credit: Bonnie Nichoalds)
How did you first discover your passion for dance and what do you love most about it?

AREANA LOPEZ: I first discovered dance when I was two years old. My mom put me in princess ballet and tap. When I was six years old, I knew I wanted to do more with dance and I was serious about it. My mom took me to different agencies and dance competitions. Once I signed with an agency, I started booking jobs immediately.

Who are some of your dance idols?

AREANA: My dance idol since I was six was and has always been Christina Ricucci. She is not only an amazing dancer but an amazing person as well.

What is something you learned from your time on Dance Moms?

AREANA: To be strong! The show was very beneficial and exciting for me. However, sometimes throughout the show the moms would fight and at the age of ten I would be very emotional and traumatized.

You have quite an impressive following on social media. How do you handle the pressure and the negativity that comes along with being in the spotlight?

AREANA: When I receive negative comments I usually delete and block them. If the comment is severely disrespectful, I will reply back. I always stay professional and humble when replying back. Haters no longer faze me. I’ve learned to deal with hate comments and not let it get to me from a young age.

How do you use your influence in a positive way?

AREANA: I have many girls that look up to me as a role model. I show them that you’re never too young to follow your dreams and that women’s rights matter! Be confident with yourself and love yourself.

I talk to a lot of my fans through live webcasts. They will ask me questions and I try my best to answer as much as possible! I want my followers to feel like I’m their best friend. My fans and followers mean so much to me.

When do you feel most confident?

AREANA: I feel most confident when I feel good about myself. When I’m wearing a full face of makeup that makes me feel confident. However when I have a bare face with no makeup I also feel confident. Makeup does not define you!

Areana Lopez Dishes on Dance and her Upcoming Clothing Line
(Photo Credit: Bonnie Nichoalds)
What advice can you share for other girls who are looking to get into dance?

AREANA: Never give up! It’s a long road filled with dedication, hard work, and passion. Dance is one of the most rewarding arts.

We saw on your Instagram that you have a link for Kouture by Ari. Are you designing your own clothing line? What can you share?

AREANA: Kouture by Ari is going to be a trendy, edgy, unique and fun clothing line for tween and teen sizes. I hope to launch my line soon. I don’t have a launch date set yet but be sure to be on the look out!

What is something you’re hoping to accomplish in the future?

AREANA: I hope to have a booming business, following in the foot steps of my mom. I’m hoping one day Kouture by Ari will be in every mall selling out!

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