Animated Characters with Real World Jobs

When you’re an animated character, life is pretty much smooth sailing. Even when there’s some annoying life hurdles to deal with, in the end, you’re still living in a completely fictional world where pretty much anything goes. What would it be like if your favorite animated characters got jobs in the real world? We were just dying to know, so we reviewed some resumes, held some interviews, and hired a few characters for what we think would be their real world jobs!

Animated Characters with Real World Jobs

Mordecai and Rigby
Mordecai and Rigby – Video Game Testers
Since they kind of stink at working at the park, maybe Mordecai and Rigby would be better suited doing the thing they do best – playing video games! But for actual money!

Mabel Pines
Mabel Pines – Girl Scout Troop Leader
Mabel’s love for all things arts and crafts would make her the perfect Troop Leader! She’d be way into earning badges – it’s basically like collecting stickers for your sticker book and taking the girls on awesome adventures.
Hopefully she won’t let any of the kids bedazzle their faces though, ouch!


Grizzly – Food Reviewer
Grizz loves eating and is always hip to the latest restaurants, food trucks, and food trends – so why not make money doing it? He’d be ruthless and honest, as a food critic should be. “Have you ever crushed a dream? It tastes a lot like a ramen taco.”

Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash – Weather Girl
What would happen if the weather girl had the ability to control the weather? Would it be sunny skies all year ’round forever? Or would Rainbow Dash shake it up and add in some storms and natural disasters?

Star Butterfly

Star Butterfly – Animal Shelter Volunteer
Star’s love for animals is totally legit. We can see Star opening up Star’s Shelter for Adorable Creatures – mostly so she can pet and snuggle them all, but also to adopt them out to loving homes.
Timmy Turner
Timmy Turner – Comic Shop Owner
Let’s pretend Future Timmy is not a thing. Timmy would definitely own a comic shop, and make a wish for Cosmo and Wanda to keep the place eternally clean so he could slack off and read comics all day instead of being a responsible business owner.
Tip and Oh
Tip and Oh – YouTube Celebs
Tip is snarky and witty. Oh is full of bad jokes and loves to dance. With their forces combined, they created the perfect webseries where they eat weird foods, do a lot of silly dancing, and just act like the weird besties they are.
They’re basically the Rhett and Link of the entire galaxy!

Norman Babcock – Children’s Horror Author
Norman’s love for horror movies and adventure turned career when a publisher read his fan-fic online and gave him a book deal! He now writes a series of zombie novels for kids and is basically the modern day R.L. Stein!

Barry Strawberry
Barry and Cantelope – Jamba Juice Franchisees
Being fruit themselves, Barry and Cantelope know a thing or two about running a Jamba Juice. They always listen to their customer feedback and occasionally call up Flint for suggestions for wacky new flavor combinations!
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